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Custom Boxing Arcade Rental - Custom Branded Boxer Arcade

The boxer arcade is a classic bar game that will entertain both participants and the audience. The game is well built so it can really "take a punch". The game keeps track of high scores for both men and women in case you want to have a fair playing ground. Fancy LED and sound captivates players and crowds. The punching bag is well padded so your hand should not feel too much discomfort.

We can brand the boxing arcade with any color, any logo, or any design of your choosing. It's a great branding opportunity with many panels available for customization. We've had it at tradeshow booths and corporate events. It can be used for promotional purposes and perhaps you've even seen our boxer arcade game on TV as it's been rented for various television episodes.

Below is an example of our custom boxer arcade game:


These pictures were taken at the McCormick Convention Center in Chicago. We actually designed the whole booth including carpet, tables, chairs, and even the custom inflatable. We are your custom event super hero!

The client at this event was The Fight Network!

We service not only Chicago but also surrounding major cities and their convention centers, hotels, corporations, etc. Let us wow your guests with you custom arcade game rentals. We're excited to help you promote your brand and take your event and company to the next level!

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