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Extreme Attractions - Rent Carnival Rides, Bulls, Rock Walls, etc.
We present you our extreme attractions inventory, a diverse assortment of carnival rides, motion simulators, breathtaking challenges, hi-tech laser shooting galleries, and classic trailer mounted amusements. Enjoy classics like the bungee trampoline, also known as the euro bungee/monkey motion, or hop on a mechanical bull rental and hold on tight! If you can make it to the top of the country's largest portable rock climbing wall (yes, we've got it), beautiful views can be achieved. Kids love the trackless train or kiddie carousel. We've got ride rentals for teenagers that will knock their socks off. The video game trailer is great for festivals and fully air conditioned. Surfs up on our mechanical surfboard ride, but watch out for our newest attraction, the mechanical shark ride rental. Looking for some competition, challenge your friends on the meltdown or or eliminator attraction. We've got so many extreme rides and attractions, which one will you rent today?

Euro Bungee Rental:
Wow! Check out this amazing attraction called the Euro Bungee. Four participants s
imultaneously attach themselves to bungee harnesses and jump up and down, while experiencing a free-fall effect. The Eurobungy allows riders to reach heights of 25' in the air, and hence gives them the ability to do flips in the air. This attraction makes for a great center piece at your larger events. The Euro Bungee is by far the latest an most innovative attraction in the entertainment industry. Kids as well as adults are more than welcome to experience the thrills of our Eurobungy. If you are looking to entertain at your next event then our Euro Bungee is the route to take. Rent Chicago's greatest Euro Bungee today!

 Price: $1,495.00 (4 hours)
+ $250.00 per additonal hour
 Dimensions:  35L x 35W x 25H

 video is available for this attraction.

Monkey Motion Four Station Bungee Trampoline:
Monkey Motion Bungee Trampoline Rental Chicago
The Monkey Motion attraction is just like the Euro Bungee Four Station Trampoline Ride, except, rather than bungees, it utilizes flex-tube technology to launch riders up and down. Although riders do not get as high on the Monkey Motion as they do with the Euro Bungee Trampoline, it is a great alternative if the Euro Bungee trampoline is already booked up for another event, but you want a similar experience.

Price: $1,495.00 (4 hours)
+ $150.00 per additional hour
Dimensions: 40L x 40W x 20H

Portable Rock Wall Rentals:

Don't settle for anything less than the largest rock climbing wall in Illinois. We have it! This monsters towers 32' tall and makes for a great center piece. This portable rock wall rental can support up to four climbers at one time, ensuring that no one is left out of the fun. We utilize an auto-belay system to guarantee maximum safety. Each rock wall climber is harnessed and supervised by our event staff. The rock wall rental is a great attraction for it attracts attention from afar. This has become a classic rental that children throughout Illinois have been enjoying. Parents are more than welcome to race their children up the rock wall, but as you will see, its not as easy as it looks. A rock wall rental not only makes for great entertainment, but it is also great exercise. Whether you wish to promote healthy activity or just provide a source of entertainment for your next event, a rock wall is a great choice. Rent the portable rock climbing wall today and your event is sure to turn out to be a success!

 Price: $1,295.00 (2 hours)
+ $150.00 per additional hour
 Dimensions:  35L x 12W x 32H

 video is available for this attraction.

Mechanical Bull Rental:
The mechanical bull is a great Illinois rental. I mean this is the Midwest! Cowboys and cowgirls alike will enjoy riding the mechanical bull. Our control panel can adjust for speed of both bucking and spinning motions. We have the most realistic bull in the industry that is composed of real bull hide and moves realistically. We can challenge the greatest riders yet still entertain the younger children. The mechanical bull rental is a very safe attraction in which our company is fully insured as well as certified by the state of Illinois. We are the leading mechanical bull provider in IL for a reason. Our mechanical bull rental is affordable, durable, and attractive. Rent your mechanical bull today and you will not be disappointed!

 Price: $695.00 (2 hours)
+ $150.00 per additional hour
 Dimensions:  16L x 16W x 10H

 A promo video and live footage is available.

The Eliminator/Meltdown:

The newest attraction for 2013 is The Eliminator. Participants must dodge the spinning arm by ducking or jumping and remain on their pedestal. The last participant to avoid being knocked off is the winner of the round. Will your technique be jumping, dodging, or ducking? Perhaps both? Rent this interactive game and see if you will get wiped out by the rotating arm or be victorious! (Picture shown is the prototype. View our facebook for actual event photos.)

Price: $1,395.00 (4 hours)
+ $150.00 per additional hour
Dimensions: 25L x 25W x 10H
 A video is available for this attraction.
See alternative video of this ride here.

Water Ball Pool:

The water ball pool attraction is one of the most innovative attractions available to both the private and corporate rental market. Participants hop inside giant hampster balls and can walk or crawl around (depending on how good the rider's balance is). Lifeguards come with this attraction to make sure that safety is upheld to its fullest. The pool does take time to fill up so we will plan your delivery accordingly. Spectators will be taking out their cell phones to snap videos and pictures as it really is a great photo opportunity. Best of all, riders never ever have to get wet so you don't have to have guests bring their swim suits. Enjoy the water ball pool this summer!

 Price: $995.00 (2 hours)
+ $150.00 per additional hour
 Dimensions:  30L x 20W x 10H

video is available for this attraction.

Mobile Zip Line - Elevator Model:
(with Optional Rock Climbing Stations)

Due to high demand, Castle Party Rentals has added another Portable Zip Line option into inventory. Our custom built zip line is the safest and most innovative attraction currently on the market. Rather than having to climb stairs, riders are are taken to the launch site on an elevator. This has allowed handicapped individuals to be able to experience the zip line ride. This model also features an optional four station rock climbing wall that you can add to your event for a much more affordable rate than what it would cost to rent seperately.

 Price: $2,995.00 (4 hours)
+ $500.00 per additonal hour
Rock Climbing:
 $995.00 (4 hours)
+ $150.00 per additonal hour
 Dimensions:  150L x 20W x 32H

Just added to Inventory March 2012.

Mobile Zip Line Rental:

The Mobile Zip Line is the latest and greatest extreme attraction. It won first prize at the industry's amusement expo as the most innovative attraction and is sure to be one of the most talked about rides in 2012. Castle Party Rentals is one of the only companies that offers this ride in the entire USA. The ride is very much what the name depicts. Riders climb to the top of a huge launch pad where they are harnessed to a zip line. When ready, they jump off the edge and fly through the sky, gradually descending towards an inflatable cushion. The experience is breath-taking. It will leave some in awe and other will want to experience the sensation more than once. Dates for this summer are already booking up fast as this ride comes with an extended service area, so if you want the greatest ride for 2012 at your event, hurry up and book today!

 Price: $2,995.00 (4 hours)
+ $500.00 per additonal hour
 Dimensions:  150L x 20W x 32H

video is available for this attraction.

Rodeo Roper Rentals:
Another new extreme attraction for 2012! Castle Party Rentals presents the rodeo roper rental. Participants climb on top of a life-like horse, equipped with saddle and reins. Their objective is to lasso a moving calf (baby cow) which moves on a track. Catching the calf is a lot more difficult than it looks, but the challenge is sure to bring out the cowboy in everyone. Already, the ride is receiving great feedback and makes a great compliment as both an attraction and decoration with the mechanical bull rental. The rodeo roper attracts both participants and spectators and is really a great attraction for your new wild west or western theme event. We hope to have the rodeo roper at your next event. Saddle up and call us to book your rodeo roper today!

 Price: $695.00 (2 hours)
+ $150.00 per additional hour
 Dimensions:  25L x 8W x 9H

Robo Racers:

Robo Racers are the latest attraction for 2017. These huge robots are fun to maneuver through obstacles and race. Most customers will rent a pair for head to head competition, however, you can also host a successful event by timing each race. The robo racers feature new state of the art technology and are awesome photo opportunities. Take your corporate event to the next level with Robo Racer rentals!

 Price: $1,495.00 per robot
 Dimensions:  10L x 30W x 8H
 A video is available for this attraction.

Cyborbots Battling Robots:
Cyborbots are the latest attraction for 2017. These high-end engineered battle bots feature LED lighting, scoring, and lasers. You can rent two, three, or four robots depending on your desired interactive experience. Look awesome in daylight and even cooler in the dark!

 Price: $1,495.00 per robot
 Dimensions:  20L x 20W x 6H

Mechanical Surfboard Rentals:
Experience the feeling of surfing a wave without getting wet on our famous mechanical surfboard rental. The mechanical surfboard appeals to a variety of ages, and just like our mechanical bull, can be adjusted to meet to abilities of the rider. This simulation ride involves realistic movements that is sure to impress the crowd. Important to note that the mechanical surfboard rental has also been called a surfing simulator or robo surfer. Regardless of what you wish to call it, this attraction is sure to make an impact on your next event. The mechanical surfboard will challenge, but in the end everyone will have fun. It's a great rental for a Luau, Hawaiian, or tropical themed party. Impress your guests today by renting a mechanical surfboard rental that is sure to entertain for hours on end!

 Price: $695.00 (2 hours)
+ $150.00 per additional hour
 Dimensions:  16L x 16W x 12H

Videos of this attraction are available.
Video #1 | Video #2

Mechanical Shark Attack Ride Rentals:
Can you handle a real life shark attack? Okay, perhaps not, but surely you can handle a ride atop this great white shark! It tries to shake you off his back by spinning right and left, bobbing up and down, and turning all around. Stay on the mechanical shark ride for long enough, and maybe you'll tire the shark out. If not, you'll surely be shark bait! The mechanical shark mechanical ride is a one of a kind experience and great photo opportunity!

 Price: $995.00 (2 hours)
+ $150.00 per additional hour
 Dimensions:  16L x 16W x 12H

Economy Trackless Train Rentals:
Standard Trackless Train Rental Chicago, ILThis train features THREE train cars and the locomotive. It accommodates up to 12 adults, 18 children, or a combination of both. The ride includes the conductor who drives the train around. This train can be driven on flat ground, whether it be grass or asphalt. Trackless trains are great photo opportunities and a staple attraction for younger children!

 Price: $495.00 (2 hours)
+ $150.00 per additional hour
 Dimensions:  30L x 5W x 6H

Standard Trackless Train Rentals:
Chicago Trackless Train Rental Carnival Rides for RentThis train consists of FOUR train cars and the locomotive. It accommodates up to 16 adults, 24 children, or a combination of both. The ride includes the conductor who drives the train around. This train can be driven on flat ground, whether it be grass or asphalt. For larger events, upgrade to the standard trackless train. Great for school carnivals, fun fairs, city festivals, church events, or corporate picnics!

 Price: $595.00 (2 hours)
+ $150.00 per additional hour
 Dimensions:  35L x 5W x 6H

Deluxe Trackless Train Rentals:
All aboard the kiddie express trackless train! This is the nicest trackless train rental that money can buy. The workmanship makes this product different from any other trackless train rental out there. This rental comes with a station which enhances the train theme. This is the only trackless train rental in Illinois that offers a total of five cars for children to ride in, and hence has the largest capacity of 24 children. Nonetheless, this trackless train rental can also support adults if they wish to ride with their younger children. If you are looking to have your event stick out, then we suggest renting our beautiful trackless train rental.

 Price: $895.00 (2 hours)
+ $150.00 per additional hour
 Dimensions:  40L x 5W x 7H
 A video is available for this attraction.

Mechanical Football Ride Rentals:
The super bowl is right around the corner. Book your mechanical football ride for your next Sunday night football game. Bring out the boys, bring out the girls. Everyone of all ages will want to try to ride the mechanical football. It's fast. It's fun. But most importantly it's safe, so no worries! The mechanical football ride is soon to be an American classic!

 Price: $995.00 (2 hours)
+ $150.00 per additional hour
 Dimensions:  16L x 16W x 12H

Mechanical Skateboard Rental:

Here is something out of the ordinary! It's our mechanical skateboard rental attraction. We've themed this new mechanical ride for all children and adults who love skateboarding. This attraction is also great for any BMX sponsored events, tournaments, and showcases. Rent the mechanical skateboard today to see if you have what it takes to do awesome tricks!

Price: $1,495.00 (2 hours)
+ $150.00 per additional hour
Dimensions: 15L x 15W x 12H

Fiberglass Carnival Slide | State Fair Fun Slide:
Fiberglass Slide - Carnival Slide - State Fair Fun Slide - Rental - Chicago, ILLooking for carnival like center piece attractions for your next event? Then our fiberglass slide more commonly known as the State Fair Fun Slide or Carnival Slide is the perfect addition for your next event! It features three lanes for fast through put and sliding mats. The colors are fun and kids of all age enjoy sliding down. You won't find a better slide rental out there!

 Price: $2,495.00 (4 Hours)
 Dimensions:  90L x 30W x 20H

Pirate Ship / Pirate's Revenge Carnival Ride:
Pirates Revenge Carnival Ride ChicagoAhoy Matey! Children and adults assemble to ride the pirates revenge carnival ride! If you refuse, we'll make you walk the plank! This carnival ride is brand new for 2016 and sure to be a hit at festivals across the Midwest. The rocking ship will bring smiles and screams, laughter and cries, but its a great carnival ride for all different sorts of events. Makes a great centerpiece attraction at church events, corporate picnics, city festivals, school fun fairs, etc.

 Price: $1,295.00 (4 Hours)
 Dimensions:  30L x 25W x 20H

Spin Jammer Carnival Ride:
Spin Jammer Carnival Ride Chicago ILNew for 2016 is our Spin Jammer Carnival Ride! This extreme attraction offers breath taking swinging and spinning. This carnival ride offers a mind-blowing experience for children, teenagers, and adults. This is one of many new carnival rides that we have added to inventory. Don't settle for our competitors outdated, run-down carnival rides. Hire us to provide the newest and best carnival ride attractions like this Spin Jammer. Some customers also call this the "wrecking ball" carnival ride due to the similar motion it makes when it swings and spins back and forth.

 Price: $1,595.00 (4 Hours)
 Dimensions:  30L x 30W x 20H

Chair Swing Carnival Ride:
Chair Swing Carnival Ride - ChicagoThis is a classic carnival ride for the kids! It's called the chair swing ride and children sit in swings and get swung around. It's a great ride because it large and makes a great centerpiece attraction. Kids love it because it's not too intimidating or extreme. The ride can get many kids through each hour and its easy to strap them in and out to keep the lines moving quickly. If you're having any sort of children's event in the upcoming future, consider the Chair Swing Carnival Ride for your next event in the Chicago area or any neighboring midwestern state.

 Price: $1,295.00 (4 Hours)
 Dimensions:  45L x 45W x 20H

Kiddie Ferris Wheel Carnival Ride:
Kiddie Ferris Wheel Carnival Ride Rental Chicago, ILA ferris wheel is a classic carnival ride. It's something for the children that they will always remember after attending the carnival. There are five cabins in this kiddie carnival ride that we offer. Each sits up to 4 children so 20 children per ride. That's a great output! We hope that you rent our kiddie ferris wheel to make your next event special!

 Price: $1,295.00 (4 Hours)
 Dimensions:  20L x 20W x 20H
 A video is available for this attraction.

Inflatable Amazon Zipline :
Amazon Zip Line Rental ChicagoScared of trying the full-scale mobile zip line? Then the inflatable zip line is perfect for your next event. Choose between a green Amazon theme or a blue Aqua theme depending on your event theme. We staff this attraction and get kids zipping through one of two zip lanes quickly and effectively. It's a great centerpiece attraction and kids love it. They will want to go again and again. This is great if you're charging per ride or selling ride wristbands at your city festival, school carnival, church event, children's fun fair, etc. We're booking up quickly, so book in advance. This is our most affordable zip line option for rent!

 Price: $1,995.00 (4 Hours)
 Dimensions:  80L x 25W x 22H

Inflatable Tidal Wave Zipline :
Tidal Wave Zip Line Rental ChicagoThis is the second inflatable zip line from our family of zip line rental offerings. This one is blue and aqua themed. We call it the Tidal Wave inflatable Zip Line. It features two lanes for fast zipping and our attendants make sure that participants are strapped in accordingly. The weight limit on the inflatable zip lines is 225 pounds. It's less intimidating than our portable zip line units so this is great for kids events. If you're having a water slide event, then this is the aqua zip line that you need to rent!

 Price: $1,995.00 (4 Hours)
 Dimensions:  80L x 25W x 22H

Human Roulette Ride Rentals:

Looking for a new attraction at your next casino-themed party? Then how about the innovative Human Roulette Ride. We are the only company in the Chicagoland IL area that carries this attraction. Participants try to hold onto the center wheel which spins. Instead of the ball landing on a number, the participant lands on a numbered space which determines the value. This will entertain guests hours on end.

 Price: $995.00 (2 hours)
+ $150.00 per additional hour
 Dimensions:  16L x 16W x 10H
 A video is available for this attraction.

Cliff Jump / Stunt Jump Rental:
We bring you the latest attraction for 2015. It's called the Cliff Jump and uses the same technology that stunt devils land on when performing high falling stunts. The zero shock technology guarantees a safe, cushioned fall, in which the participant feels barely anything. It's sure to be a hot rental for the 2015 rental season. Bring cliff jump to you next school event or company picnic!

 Price: $1,495.00
 Dimensions:  30L x 15W x 19H

Extreme Air Four Station Bungee Jumpers:
Extreme Air Jumper - Chicago, IL - Party RentalsThis is another take on our 4 station bungee attractions. Rather than bongo trampolines, these jumping platforms are inflatable just like a bounce house. Riders are harnessed in and can jump up and down or event attempt a flip if brave enough. Our attendants supervise the attraction. The general ride lasts about 5 minutes. Weight minimum is 40 pounds and weight maximum is 200 pounds. This extreme attraction is great for corporate events, school carnivals or funfairs, church group retreats, city festivals, etc.

 Price: $1,495.00 (4 Hours)
 Dimensions:  40L x 25W x 20H

Kiddie Carosel Merry Go Round Rental:
This new attraction for 2015 is sure to put a smile on everyone's face. This three horse carosel is the cutest thing that you have ever seen. The carosel is hand painted by an artist from France and each horse has its own distinct design. The younger children will go crazy when they see it. The carosel spins at a safe speed and classic carnival music is played. If you are looking for a great attraction at your next event, then the kiddie carosel is a must. Please note that this can also be called the kiddie merry go round.

 Price: $995.00 (4 hours)
+ $100.00 per additional hour
 Dimensions:  6L x 6W x 8H

Armchair Sports Ride Rental:
The Armchair sports ride offers the opportunity to have a great time in the comfort of a comfy armchair. Riders test their "couch potato" skills as they try to throw balls at the designated targets. Depending on your preseference, you can choose from Football, Basketball, or Baseball targets. The ride comes with a seat belt to assure that the rider does not fall out. The purpose of this ride is to see how many targets you can hit in a 30 second time frame. This new interactive game is great for all sorts of events and highly popular at corporate events.

 Price: $1,495.00 (2 hours)
+ $150.00 per additional hour
 Dimensions:  16L x 16W x 9H

Tight Rope Walking Rentals:
When you asked us for new extreme attractions - we listened! Proud to offer the new tight rope walking experience in 2015. A tight rope is suspended high above the ground. If you fall, no worries. The inflatable underneath you used zero shock technology just like stunt devils use for high free falling stunts. It's safe, fun, and will offer a brand new experience to participants of all ages.

 Price: $4,995.00 (4 hours)
+ $250.00 per additional hour
 Dimensions:  32L x 18W x 18H

Adrenalator Uphill Giant Treadmill:
The newest attraction for 2017 is the Adrenalator extreme attraction. It's in essence a giant two person uphill treadmill. Race your opponent to the top in this challenging competition ride. You won't find a more breath-taking interactive challenge than this one!

 Price: $9,995.00 (4 hours)
+ $995.00 per additional hour
 Dimensions:  32L x 20W x 20H

Carnival Game Super Trailer:

Brand new Carnival Game Super Trailer for rent! This trailer is filled with three professional carnival style games like seen at the traveling carnivals. The games include an 8 station water blast target racing challenge, a multistation ring toss station, and a dual station pop-a-shot basketball station. If you are having a corporate event, you need our Carnival Game Super Trailer. The setup can also be utilized with prizes just like at the state fair or professional carnivals!

Price: $4,995.00 (4 hours)
+ $500.00 per additional hour
Dimensions:  30L x 18W x 14H

Spider Tower:

Check out the latest attraction for 2011. This new ride is called the spider tower. Participants climb through layers of "spider web" until they reach the top and can see all around them. No harnesses are necessary and for that reason the ride is very safe. We are the first company to offer the spider climbing tower in Illinois. If you've been to other parts of the country, you may have heard this attraction referred to as the Spider Mountain. This attraction comes trailer mounted and uses hydraulics to be lifted into the air. We need a relatively flat surface to set up the Spider Climbing Tower. It is sure to be a hit among all the younger children and makes for a fabulous photo opportunity.

 Price: $1,995.00 (4 hours)
+ $100.00 per additonal hour
 Dimensions:  10L x 10W x 28H

Mechanical Snowboard Rental:

It's winter and how about some themed party fun with a mechanical snowboard rental. This new ride is very similar to the mechanical surfboard attraction, but branded on a snowy mountain themed inflatable and riders balance on a snow board. Kids and adults can enjoy this awesome ride.

Price: $1,495.00 (2 hours)
+ $150.00 per additional hour
Dimensions:  15L x 15W x 12H

Mindwinder Extreme Carnival Ride Rental:

Are you really looking to give your event a true and professional carnival feel? Then you need the Mindwinder Extreme, which is the latest and greatest carnival ride. It has an output of 16 people per session and is great for both kids and adults. Rent the Mindwinder Extreme for some classic spinning fun. It's one of the greatest carnival rides that is portable enough for special events!

Check out this amazing ride in action: Click Here!

Price: $2,995.00 (4 hours)
+ $500.00 per additional hour
Dimensions: 52L x 52W x 18H

Video Game Trailer Rental:

Video game trailers were a huge hit on the East and West coasts this past year, however, Castle Party Rentals is the first to bring this concept to the Midwest, specifically Chicago, IL. This is great for corporate functions, company picnics, festivals, and much more! Inside there a six huge flat screen TV's and various systems like X Box 360, PS3, and Wii. The trailer can be configured to air conditioning or heating depending on the type of year. Too many neat features to describe!

 Price: $1,495.00 (4 hours)
+ $100.00 per additonal hour
 Dimensions:  28L x 10W x 10H

See some of our carnival rides in action below:

Featured in the above video are the kiddie ferris wheel, rocking pirate ship ride, and euro bungee trampoline rentals!

Extreme Attractions: Castle Party Rentals offers a wide variety of extreme attractions for your enjoyment. We specialize in the rental of euro bungee trampolines, mechanical bulls, mechanical surfboards, portable rock climbing walls, and trackless trains. We rent the largest Eurobungy trampoline in Illinois, allowing you to reach the highest heights, and truly experience a free-falling experience. Better yet, out new Euro Bungee unit contains four trampolines, allowing multiple participants to participate at one time. Our Eurobungy has been inspected by the Illinois Department of Labor and approved for use at all public events. The Euro Bungee Trampoline is an extremely safe attraction as each participant is harnessed to three separate bungies. No other company in Illinois puts this much effort into the safety of their Eurobungy attraction and to top it all off, we carry excellent liability insurance. Rent our Eurobungy today and experience the difference. Our specialty item seems to be the mechanical bull rentals. We are the most popular mechanical bull vendor in Illinois and have been featured at venues such as Navy Pier, McCormick Place, Congress Theater, Donald Stephens Convention Center, as well as a multitude of local Chicago and suburban bars/clubs. We have the most affordable mechanical bull rentals. Unlike our competitors, our mechanical is a realistic operation in which the bull spins and bucks just like a real bull. Our fun mechanical bull rental appeals to both children and adults alike since we can adjust the speed to meet everyone's abilities. Another great attraction worth mentioning is a mechanical surfboard rental, which is sometimes known as a robo surfer attraction. Participant experience a realistic simulation of surfboard riding without having to worry about getting wet. If you want something even more extreme, then how about a portable rock climbing wall rental. Ours is the largest in Illinois, towering 32' in height. We utilize an auto belay system which assures the safety of each rock climber. A rock wall rental makes for a great centerpiece at any event. Once you've reached the top, make sure to take a good look of the view before you begin your descent down the wall. All kids love our trackless train rental. No other company offers a trackless train as cute, affordable, and accommodating as ours. Our trackless train ride consists of a locomotive that pulls three large passenger cars. We hope that you enjoy all of our extreme attractions.

New for 2016 is our LED extreme rides that glow in the dark and light up your event. Currently our LED ride options are the Euro Bungee Trampoline, Portable Rock Climbing Wall, and the Mobile Zip Line.