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Castle Party Rentals is the largest linen rental provider in Chicago, IL as well as the surrounding suburbs. We offer table linens, chair covers, napklins, and many other linen products. We have every linen color and design ever imaginable for your next event. If you are looking for linen rental in Illinois, then you have come to the right place.

***Please note that we only offer linen rental when you rent tables and chairs with us!***

Below is pricing on our solid color linens.
Chair Covers: $3.95 each
Chair Ties: $1.00 each (with chair cover)
Dinner Napkin: $0.75 each
Table Runner: $3.00 each
72'' x 120'' Rectangular Tablecloth: $9.95 each
90'' x 132'' Rectangular Tablecloth: $19.95 each
90'' x 156'' Rectangular Tablecloth: $21.95 each
90'' Round Tablecloth: $9.95.00 each
108'' Round Tablecloth: $11.95 each
120'' Round Tablecloth: $13.95 each
132'' Round Tablecloth: $20.95 each
54'' x 54'' Square Tablecloth: $6.95 each
90'' x 90'' Square Tablecloth: $9.95 each
7' Long Table Skirt: $10.95 each
14' Long Table Skirt: $18.95

* Pricing is subject to change without notice.
*Colors may vary in real life. 

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