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We specialize in LED/Glow Game Rentals. We travel across the Midwest!

Slot Machine Rentals:
We offer Las Vegas style slot machine rentals. These are great for any event. This is a very user friendly slot machine.
Slot Machine Rentals Chicago

 Price: $50.00 (Day)

Air Hockey Table Rentals:
We rent beautiful air hockey tables that are sure to be a hit at your next event. Air hockey is a game that will can enjoyable for all ages. Rent your air hockey table today.

 Price: Starting at $75.00 per day

Foosball Table Rentals:
Realistic foosball table rentals for rent provided by Castle Party Rentals. If you are looking for a neat attraction, make sure to reserve one of our foosball table rentals.

 Price: $95.00 (Day)

Electronic Pop A Shot Rentals:
This is a great game rental. Make your next parlor event spectacular with a pop a shot basketball game rental. Two people can play at the same time and there is electronic scoring.

 Price: $95.00 (Day)

Quarterback Pass Attack Rentals:

If you like football or are having a football themed party, then this is the perfect parlor game rental for your next event. The game features electronic scoring and is a lot of fun.

 Price: $195.00 (Day)

Electronic Dart Rentals:
We rent arcade style electronic darts. These models stant tall and have several classic dart games that can be enjoyed.

Check out video.

 Price: $250.00 (Day)

Ping Pong Table Rentals:
Rent a tournament style ping pong table for your next special event, whether it be a simple birthday party or corporate event. All accessories are provided with a ping pong table rental.

 Price: $195.00 (Day)

Dome Hockey Table Rentals:
We offer the nicest dome hockey table in the industry. This is a great parlor game rental and sure to be a huge hit at your next event.

 Price: $395.00 (Day)

Skee Ball Game Rentals:
This is a classic skee ball game rental with a basketball theme. It comes with 6 balls and electronic scoring.



Billard Pool Table Rentals:
If you are looking for a true pool table rental, then Castle Party Rentals is your vendor. We offer full size pool table rentals that are very elegant.

Check out video.

 Price: $295.00 (Day)

Shuffleboard Table Rentals:
This is a great parlor game that will attract a crowd. Our shuffleboard rental is a adrenaline-building experience that will be enjoyed by all ages.

 Price: $295.00 (Day)

Bumper Pool Table Rentals:
We offer bumper pool table rentals. This is a new revolutionary game that is sure to excite for hours on end. This is very much like the classic pool table, however, there are obstacles in the center of the table known as bumpers.

 Price: $195.00 (Day)