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Chicago Audio/Visual Equipment Rentals

Standard Projector Rental:
This is one of the best projectors on the rental market. It has a very bright image, even in the daylight due to its 3,000 lumens capability. It utilizes DLP projection technology and hence has many advance features.

 Price: $95.00

Deluxe Projector Rental:

This is the projector rental that you will need when renting our larger screens. It is very powerful and delivers a sharp colorful image. It features a 4,500 Lumen capability that is sure to impress all of your guests. Available in Chicago and suburbs.

 Price: $350.00

Superior Projector Rental:

A great projector with over 7,500 lumens. You won't find a projector rental as powerful as this one for such an affordable price. If you're having a first class event and want perfect picture, then we highly suggest the superior projector rental. 

 Price: $650.00

Premium Projector Rental:

Wow large audience with a 12,000 lumen projector from Castle Party Rental. You'll see this projector used for the largest of galas, fundraisers, and corporate events in Chicago. It doesn't get much better than this!

 Price: $850.00

Projector Screen/Stand Combo:

This wide screen projector screen measures 80'' and is great for meetings and movie showings. It comes equipped on an adjustable stand to meet your event's height requirements.

 Price: $50.00

136'' Projector Screen:

This is a huge projector screen used for large audiences and surely provides that "WOW" factor. The truss system assures a sturdy setup and consequently a professional look. This large screen can only be used indoors!

 Price: $95.00

9' x 12' Projector Screen:

This is a huge projector screen used for large audiences and surely provides that "WOW" factor. The truss system assures a sturdy setup and consequently a professional look. This large screen can only be used indoors!

Trim kit available upon request.

Price: $495.00

10.5' x 14' Projector Screen:

This is a huge projector screen used for large audiences and surely provides that "WOW" factor. The truss system assures a sturdy setup and consequently a professional look. This large screen can only be used indoors!

Trim kit available upon request.

 Price: $595.00

12' Inflatable Movie Screen:

This is a large inflatable screen that can be rented with one of our projectors to host an amazing movie night. The screen inflates in about 5 minutes and then is all ready to go.

 Price: $125.00

16' Inflatable Movie Screen:

We offer an even bigger inflatable movie screen for the slightly larger crowds. This 16' screen is huge and will be a very impressive addition to your next event. If you are looking to throw a movie night, then don't forget to rent one of our projectors too!

 Price: $250.00

Speech Lectern:

Our speech lectern is perfect for administering a speech to a group of people. It also has an input that allows you to connect and play an iPod over the speak system. You can order a corded or wireless microphone depending on your needs.

 Price: $95.00

Acrylic Podium:

Take your event to the next level with our acrylic glass podium/lectern rental. It's a beautiful centerpiece for speeches, presentations, and conferences. The front can be branded with a custom decal to reflect you event's logo.

 Price: $295.00

Green Screen Equipment:
Our green screen setup is the perfect setup. Large green background, strong megapixel camera, three professional lights, two high quality printers, one laptop, table with black linen, etc.

 Price: $495.00

Amplifier Rentals:

Amplifiers give you control of your sound system and are necessary for passive speaker rentals. Rent an amplifier for your next event requiring audio.

Price: $100.00

Passive Speaker Rental with Stand:

These are great speakers for backyard events or smaller events. These speakers come on stand and can project music or the voice of a speaker in a clear, loud manner.

*Requires amplifier*

 Price: $50.00

Powered Speaker Rental with Stand:

Our mega powered speakers are what you need to reach out to large groups of people. If you are administering a speak in front of several hundred people, then make sure you are heard by renting our mega powered speakers.

*No amplifier required*

 Price: $75.00

Corded Microphone Rental:

Our corded microphones deliver clear speeches. The cords are long enough to offer flexibility to the speaker. Rent a corded microphone for your next event requiring sound.

Price: $25.00

Wireless Handheld Microphone Rental:

If you need to delivery a speech, make announcements at an event, then you need to rent our wireless microphone. Forget about the old fashion microphones with cords. Our wireless mic rentals are the real deal.

 Price: $75.00

Microphone Stand Rental:

Take your event to the next level with a microphone stand rental. Rather than setting your microphone on a table, rent a microphone stand today!

Price: $7.50

Three Channel Mixer (for lighting) Rental:

We carry three channel mixers inventory, great for changing colors and doing washes with par cans for uplighting.

Price: $25.00

Professional Mixer Rental:

Professional mixer available for special events requiring professional control of sound, lighting, and other special effects.

Price: $95.00

42'' Flatscreen TV Rental:

Need to watch the big game on TV? Then why not rent a large plasma TV from Castle Party Rentals. Turn the lights off and enjoy a football game or movie. You can even connect a video game system to the TV. This TV rental can also be used as a monitor display. Hook a lab top up to it or a camera and share your favorite pictures. Display advertisements. The options are endless!

 Price: $100.00

50'' Flatscreen TV Rental:

This high definition is just what you need if your looking for a beautiful picture. Watch a movie, hook up a video game, or connect your laptop to it and display your slide show on this monitor.

 Price: $150.00

65'' Flatscreen TV Rental:

Huge display screen with amazing resolution for presentations, displays, and conferences. Rent the 65'' flat screen for your next event!

 Price: $495.00

80'' Flatscreen TV Rental:

Bigger is better and this is the case with our new 80'' flatscreen TV rentals. These will be a big hit in 2016 for product launches, presentations, the Superbowl (GO BEARS!), corporate meetings, etc.

Price: $995.00

Stationary TV Stand Rental:

Want a nice presentable stand to attach your flat screen plasma TV to? Then consider a stand with shelving that can store your video game system, DVD player, etc. Presentation is everything and the wrong placement of your TV can make or break your event. Rent a TV stand today!


 Price: $75.00

Mobile TV Stand Rental:

The mobile TV stand provides a sleek look for corporate events. The mobile tv stand allows for adjustable height and the mobile application is very handy for quick setup and take down as well as room swaps.

Price: $100.00

Digital Voice Recorder Rental:

Need to record a presentation, a speaker, or a lecture, then you need this voice recorder. It is a digital voice recorder loaded with many important features that you will not find in older models. It isolates sounds from the surrounding environment so you get a clear recording of the speaker.


Price: $25.00

Audio and Visual Cable Rentals:

Need extra cables for your your audio and visual equipment rentals. We have DMX cables, power supplies, power strips, extension cords, VGA cables, USB cables, HDMI cables, MP3 cords, various input and output cords, size converterting cables and ports, telephone cable, ethernet cable, RCA connectors, component cables, Fiber Optic Cables, speaker cables, daisy chain cables, coaxial cables, patch cables, instrument cables, DVI cables, MIDI cables, microphone cables, S-video cables, phone chargers, iPod adapters, and much more!

*Longer cables subject to higher pricing.

Price: $5.00 each

Uplighting/ Uplights:

Uplights can transform a room from boring to fun and/or from ugly to elegant. Each fixture is available for only $25.00. Uplighting can be used as spot lights for theatrical performances as well. 


Price: $25.00 each