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100 Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker Rental:
Stainless Steel Coffee Maker in Chicago, IL
This beautiful coffee maker is constructed out of stainless steel and is very elegant and much better than the 
aluminum coffee makers that our competitors rent out.

 Price:      $20.00 (each)

5 Gallon Iced Tea Dispenser Rental:
Ice Tea Dispenser in Chicago, IL
This 5 gallon iced tea dispenser is the perfect addition to your special event.

 Price:      $22.00 (each)

5 Gallon Tea Dispenser Rental:
Hot Tea Dispenser - Chicago, IL
This standard tea dispenser has an adjustable brew strength valve, adjustable brew volume, and a patented water delivery system. Better tasting tea starts here.

 Price:      $25.00 (each)

3 Liter Stainless Steel Airpot:
Stainless Steel Airpot Rental Chicago
This glass insulated, stainless steel exterior airpot is known to keep beverages warm for up to 10 hours and does not require electricity. Simply push the button on top for the beverage to dispense.

 Price:      $10.00 (each)

Coffee Decanter Warmer Rental:
Coffee Supply Rental Chicago, IL
Our coffee 
decanter warmers come in three different options: a single, a double, or a tiered as shown here. They are simply used to keep decanters warm.

 Price (single):     $25.00 (each)
 Price (double):  $30.00 (each)
 Price (tiered):  $35.00 (each)

Coffee Decanter Rental:
Coffee Decanter Rental Chicago, IL
The coffee 
decanter is used to hold brewed coffee and assist in serving coffee to your guests.

 Price:      $5.00 (each)

Coffee Condiment Organizer Rental:
Coffee Supply Rental Chicago, IL
Organize the condiments for your coffee service accordingly. There is room for straws, sugar, sweetener, cream, napkins, etc.

 Price:      $25.00 (each)

Coffee Condiment Display Rental:
Coffee Condiment Organizer
The condiment display for your coffee service is a stylish arrangement of straws, sweeteners, cream, sugar, etc. Condiments sold

 Price:      $50.00 (each)

Countertop Waste Receptacle Rental:
Waste Basket Rental Chicago
Keep your coffee and tea service area clean. Place a countertop waste receptacle by all the condiments to guarantee a tidy area.

 Price:      $12.00 (each)

Drip Tray Rental:

Keep your coffee and tea service area clean by placing drip trays underneath all coffee, tea, and beverage dispensers.

 Price:      $1.50 (each)

Glass Mug Rental:
Glass Mug - Chicago, IL - Beverage Rental
Save the environment by using our glass mugs for your coffee, tea, or beverage.

 Price:      $0.99 (each)

China Mug Rental:
China Mug - Chicago, IL Rental
Enjoy your warm beverage in a beautiful bell 
shaped china mug and save the environment by reducing paper waste.

 Price:      $0.99 (each)

Insulated Hot/Cold Beverage Dispenser Rental:
Insulated Beverage Dispensers in Chicago, IL
These beverage dispensers are insulated to make sure that your liquid stays cold or warm depending on whether you are servings ice cold lemonade on a hot day or coffee on a crisp day.

 Price (5 gallon):      $40.00 (each)
 Price (10 gallon): $50.00 (each)

Sports Drink Dispenser:
Sports Drink Dispenser - Chicago, IL
This is a great drink dispenser for any fluid. Whether you want to mix Gatorade powder and water to make a great tasting sports drink or if you want to keep it simple and fill it with water, you can't go wrong with this product.

 Price (5 gallon):      $40.00 (each)
 Price (10 gallon): $50.00 (each)

Dual Beverage Chill Machine:
Dual Beverage Chill Machine Rental - Chicago, IL
This machine turns your room temperature beverage into a nice refreshing chilled drink. It accommodates up to two different beverages at one time such as Fruit Punch and Powerade (pictured here).

 Price:      $295.00 (each)

Dual Frozen Drink Machine:
Frozen Drink Machine Rentals in Chicago, ILEnjoy a frozen drink on a warm summer day that is sure to refresh all your guests. This dual bin frozen drink machine allow your to create up to two different frozen drinks at one time.

 Price:      $295.00 (each)

Dual Margarita Machine Rental:
Margarita Machine Rentals in Chicago, IL
No party is complete without some margaritas and what better way to make them than Castle Party Rental's margarita machine rental. This dual bin machine allows for two different flavors such as the classic margarita flavored drink, strawberry
daiquiri rum runner, etc.

 Price:      $295.00 (each)

60 oz Plastic Pitcher:
Plastic Pitcher Rental Chicago
This plastic pitcher is "dummy proof" and highly recommended for large parties.

 Price:      $3.00 (each)