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Bungee Trampoline Rentals - Euro Bungee also Eurobungy

The Euro Bungee is the most popular rental attraction for special events. The Eurobungy features four stations composed of a bouncy trampoline and bungee cords. Rides are strapped into a harness and raised with a hydraulic lift system to great heights. Participants can safely do flips and experience free-fall excitement!

Check out the Bungee Trampoline ride in action!

In this video, the participants are small children. Hopefully you will see that even small children can enjoy this extreme attraction. Teenagers and adults are also welcomed and will reach great heights, up to 25 feet to be exact. Attaining such heights allows them to do flips, both backwards and forwards. Submit your Euro Bungee video and if it depicts the Eurobungy as exciting as it really is, we'll post it!

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