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School Carnival (Fun Fair) in Aurora Reaches Fundraising Goals

Carnival Fun Fair Inflatable Rentals Aurora, ILCastle Party Rentals does the fundraising carnival and fun fair for this Aurora School each year. We provide large inflatable rides like the Aqua Extreme Obstacle Course, an Inflatable Rock Climbing Wall, and the Disney Incredibles Bounce House. The children could purchase wrist bands for unlimited inflatable fun or punch cards. Majority of children who initially purchased punch cards ended up buying wrist bands and the inflatables were so much fun. We specialize in interactive inflatable fun, always offering the newest designs. Our inflatables are always delivered clean and sanitized. Our large inventory ranges from bounce houses to obstacle courses.

Gopher Gold Carnival Game Rental - Fun FairInflatables was one focus of the fun fair. The other was the carnival games. The school rented about 20 different carnival games for the kids to play. We wish we could show you a picture of each one, however, given that the inflatables took up the whole gym, the carnival games had to be placed in individual classrooms. A popuilar carnival game was surely the Gopher Golf game. The line to play seems to be steady throughout the event. I guess younger kids always see their dad's playing golf and this was their chance to make daddy proud. This particular style of carnival games is known as a bin or tub game.

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