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Curling Game Rentals - Rent Curling Equipment in Chicago, IL

Castle Party Rentals is the first party rental company in the United States to offer an extensive line of curling game rental products for rent. We carry everything from virtual curling to life-like full curling playing fields. Further more, we have curling table application and high-tech LED technology if you really want to get fancy with you curling experience.

Virtual Reality Curling: $495.00

24' Floor Curling: $595.00

Curling Tables: $995.00

LED Curling Parties: $1,495.00

In honor of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, we have added an extensive selection of curling party rentals, everything from virtual applications to life-like play. We are the only company in the USA which such extensive offerings of curling games for rent.