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Custom Branded LED Light Up Illuminated Pool Table Rentals

No one wants their event to be ordinary, so make it extraordinary with our innovative LED Light Up pool table rentals. Pool tables, also known as billiard tables, are classic parlor games popular with all generations. Imagine your guests walking into a venue and the first thing they see is your custom branded LED Pool table. Your brand is logoed all over it and throughout the night, your company's name is illuminated within them. They leave remembering your name and your brand. We are your event marketing partner and illuminated brands are scientifically proven to resonate in customers. With our illuminated pool table rentals, event attendees flock to them to play and take pictures and post them on social media. This spreads your brand virally across the internet. Who would have ever thought that something as simple as a pool table rental at your event could be so effective. Experiential marketing is what we do best, so let the experts at Castle Party Rental help set you up with your event own custom branded Light Up Pool/Billiard table.
This unique product is only available at Castle Party Rental. Yes, we are located in Chicago, IL, however, we do travel to the east and west coast for larger events. Whether you need one glowing pool table or a dozen custom pool tables, we've got you covered as our agency is a high output provider. We've done events that featured 20+ pool tables in one room. Whether you're having a pool table tournament/competition or a corporate event, let Castle Party Rental go to work for you. Our graphic designers will work with your team to create the perfect custom pool table and we will illuminate your next event. For a successful event, call us today at 630-400-6545 or email We look forward to serving you for any and all pool table rental needs!

If you can't afford a custom branded pool table, no worries, as we've got plenty of other options available. And if you're not a pool shark, that's fine too, as we've got dozens of other parlor games that come in a variety of models to satisfy all budgets and entertainment needs. If you fancy our LED enhanced games, we've got a huge inventory or light up and glowing games. Thank you for considering a pool table rental.