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Custom Light Up Bars

Castle Party Rentals is always thinking out of the box to bring you new and creative opportunities to customize your event. Clients are raving about our curved lights up bars and their potential for customization. We allow the opportunity to input a company logo, design, words, etc onto the front face of the bar. The application can be made by either utilizing a vinyl decal or translucent digital sticker allowing the light to still penetrate. Pricing varies on size, number or colors, and if you choose professional application or self application. We have also provided some of our most recent custom jobs to spark some ideas (videos first and pictures below:

You can email logos and/or designs for estimates to

Additional LED, light up, glow, and illuminated bar rentals available:

6 Foot Rectangular Glow Bar = $300.00 - Click HERE for custom examples.

8 Foot 90º Illuminated Bar = $495.00 (Rent 3, get one free!) - Click HERE for custom examples.

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We also rent lounge furniture, over 500 different shapes, sizes, colors, and options. Specializing lounge events in the Chicago, IL market, but traveling across the country for larger events!

Looking for custom LED Light Up Glow bars in/near Indianapolis, Indiana? We do larger events there all the time!