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Custom Branded Money Machine Rentals - Rent Cash Cubes

We can custom brand our hard case money machines to reflect your brand, logo, and/or event theme. Various elements of the cash cube can be branded. For example, you don't even have to use cash. You can use rose pedals (like in the below video), but some clients have also used feathers, tickets, confetti, coupons, etc.
This is an example of a custom branded cash cube that we did for ABC's show the Bachelorette. We branded the money machine front and side panels and also customized the LED header to reflect their event/brand. Another custom branded money machine example is below:
Custom Hard Case Money Machines for Rent

Here the back panel was customized along with the LED header and the customer used coupons for their brand activation. Various colored coupons resulted in different prizes for the participants. 

Our hard case money machines are all premium quality, constructed professionally from steel and shatterproof glass. You will not find a better product out there than ours. If you're looking for a top notch cash cube, in pristine condition, Castle Party Rental should be your one and only choice for your next custom branded money machine rental. 

Our money machines and cash cubes exhibit nicely during day time events or events in which the venue lights are on bright, but the machine does have powerful & impressive LED lights built into it. Check out our money machines being use at a night time event and be ready to be wowed!

You can see an operational video here with actual cash being used. 

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We offer custom branded money machines in ChicagoIndianapolis, Detroit, St. Louis, Milwaukee, and Madison!