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Dance Floor Rentals

Indoor and outdoor dance floor rentals available in Chicago and Illinois suburbs. Our dance floor tiles are $19.99 each and include installation. We replace our dance floors annually so you are guaranteed a beautiful dance floor. What happens with the old dance floor? We sell it to our competitors, so while we are out renting you nice, new, and beautiful dance floor, out competitors are trying to rent dance floors that we no longer see fit for inventory. Everyone is always asking us why are we better than the rest - well here is another reason: we carry awesome dance floors at affordable rental prices.

Our oak parquet dance floor rentals come in 3' x 4' sections and van be put together to form many different sized dance floors. Each section rents for $19.99 and includes the installation. Most rental companies will try to real you in with a low dance floor price per 3' x 4' and then hit you with a high installation fee.

Best Dance Floor Rentals for Weddings & Corporate Events in Chicago - Rent Portable Dance Floors