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Event Design

Castle Party Rentals offers event design services for all budgets. Event design is all about spicing up the atmosphere of your event, whether that involves changing the ambiance of the venue, decorating various tables with centerpieces, etc. Our design team has over a decade of experience and are anxious to hear your vision.


You should consider ceiling drapes or sheers. The goal is to blend you event space together. You don't want to have beautiful seating, place settings, and centerpieces, but an unattractive ceiling. Fabric can transform any sub-par event space into the most elegant wonderland ever imaginable.


This brings us to our next important concept: ambiance. Mood lighting can dictate elegance of your event. Incorporate fabric drapes into your events design along with par cans to generate a beautiful uplight. How about we hang some crystal columns and we shoot up with a par can for another unique look?

For all design inquiries, please contact the project manager: