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Flatware Rentals Chicago

Castle Party Rentals offers a variety of flatware rentals in Chicago and the Illinois suburbs. We have different place setting options for spoons, knives, and forks at a very affordable rental price. Check out flatware selection below and enjoy our spoon, knife, and fork rentals.

Flatware Rental:  Pricing: 
Dinner Knife   $0.49
 Dinner Fork  $0.49
 Soup Spoon  $0.49
Tea Spoon   $0.49
 Salad/Desert Fork  $0.49

Flatware Rental Chicago IL
The silverware and flatware that we rent is always issued clean and ready to go. We ask that you return all utensils in a similar manner to avoid any cleaning fees. If you do not have time to wash the flatware fully, we ask you that you at least rinse the utensils free of any food particles. If you fail to do so, the food particles dry and make cleaning difficult and may result in a larger cleaning fee.

We are proud to offer brand new stainless steel flatware in the Chicago area for rent. Whether it's a dinner party for 10 people or a 500 person wedding, we've got the inventory to help you accomplish your event!

Our past flatware rental selection can be viewed here.