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Adventure Slide Rental:
This is a great inflatable slide rental for the younger kids.

 Price: $295.00 (dry only)
 Dimensions:  28L x 14W x 15H

Blue Wave Water Slide Rental:

This is a great inflatable slide rental. It can be used as a dry slide or a water slide. This slide is primarily geared towards younger children.

 Price: $295.00 (dry)
$395.00 (wet)
 Dimensions:  28L x 14W x 15H

Sponge Bob Slip N Slide Rental:
This is a great slip and slide rental for all ages. As you can see from the picture it is Sponge Bob themed and is sure to be a huge hit at your next event!

 Price: $350.00 (wet)
 Dimensions:  32L x 6W x 8H

Dual Lane Surf Slip N Slide Rental:
This is a great Slip and Slide rental for all ages. A lot of extra details make this a great inflatable slide rental for all ages.

 Price: $450.00 (wet)
 Dimensions:  32L x 12W x 9H

Castle Slip N Slide Rental:

This is the largest Slip N Slide rental on the market. It measure over 40 feet long and has dual lanes as well as a large splash pool. A great inflatable for teens.

 Price: $495.00 (wet)
 Dimensions:  42L x 14W x 9H

Rock Climbing Slide Rental:

This giant slide rental is equipped with a full rock climbing all and ropes. Two people climb and slide down at the same time. A great inflatable for the kids to race in. 

 Price: $395.00 (dry only)
 Dimensions:  30L x 15W x 21H

Octopus Water Slide Rental:

We introduce you a new inflatable water slide that's sure to be a big hit in 2012. The graphics are beautiful and the design is very innovative. Check out the octopus on top and the sea horses at the bottom of the splash pool. The new design features a padded pull for safety.

 Price: $495.00 (dry)
$595.00 (wet)
 Dimensions:  30L x 15W x 21H

Tropical Palms Slide Rental:
If you are looking for the newest water slide on the market, check out this new inflatable for 2012. The Tropical Palms Slide is sure to be enjoyed by all ages and offers a very appealing design. It features a splash pool that has inflatable bottom, which is the latest safety feature.

 Price: $495.00 (dry)
$595.00 (wet)
 Dimensions:  30L x 15W x 21H

Giant Castle Slide Rental:

This is a huge inflatable slide that can be used either dry or wet with a pool. There are two slide lanes that the kids can select from. It takes eight steps to reach the top and then this is followed by the plunge into the pool.

 Price: $495.00 (dry)
$595.00 (wet)
 Dimensions:  36L x 15W x 22H

Jumbo Pirates Slide Rental:
Pirates Slide Rental - Chicago, IL
This is one of the largest slide in Illinois. It has an amazing pirate theme and makes for a great photo opportunity.

 Price: $795.00 (dry)
 Dimensions:  32L x 20W x 28H

Double Bay Four Person Slide Rental:
Double Bar Four Person Inflatable Slide
New slide coming soon! This is the Double Bay Four Person Slide Rental. It features two slide bays which each accommodates two sliders so you can have four people racing up and sliding down at the same time. This is great for events with many people as there is a fast output. It keeps lines moving swiftly so instead of being bummed about having to wait in line, kids are excited to soon be able to slide again.

 Price: $695.00 (dry only)
 Dimensions:  28L x 30W x 21H

Paradise Island Slide Combo Rental:
Tropical Water Slide Combo - Chicago Slide Rentals
This inflatable rental consists of a giant slide connected to a slip and slide with pool. Its topical theme makes it a big hit. When it's hot, the paradise island slide combo is a must. The graphics are beautiful including palm trees, rainbows, waves, etc.

 Price: $995.00 (wet)
 Dimensions:  65L x 18W x 27H

Roaring Rapids Slide Combo Rental:
Chicago Inflatable Slides - Roaring Rapids
This inflatable rental consists of a giant slide connected to a slip and slide with pool. Its the same slide as the Paradise Island Slide as pictures above, just a different theme.

 Price: $995.00 (wet)
 Dimensions:  65L x 18W x 27H

Water Slide Obstacle Course Rental:
Water Slide Obstacle Course Rental, Chicago Inflatables
This is our popular water slide obstacle course. Participants begin by running into a slip and slide and falling into a pool. They then crawl under a tunnel and begin to climb up a huge ladder. Once at the top, the participants splash into another pool. First one to the end wins!

 Price: $1,095.00 (wet)
 Dimensions:  75L x 16W x 22H

Kraken Slide Rental:
Kraken Slide - Cutting Edge Creations - Chicago, IL
This is an amazing slide rental! It takes nearly four people to set up. Makes for a great photo experience. Definitely one of the greatest center piece attractions that we offer.

 Price: $2,995.00 (dry)
 Dimensions:  48L x 18W x 28H

Hippo Water Slide Rentalby Freestyle Slides
Hippo Water Slide - Largest Slide in Illinois
Castle Party Rentals has brought the largest slide in the world to Illinois. We are the first company to offer the Hippo slide to the Midwest. This slide is over four stories tall and has a steep drop for obtaining the greatest speeds and offers the most breath taking experience that you will ever experience. Price includes two attendants.

 Price: $7,500.00 (wet)
 Dimensions:  180L x 48W x 40H

 video is available for this rental.

Looking for giant water slide rentals? We've got a huge selection as you can see from above!