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Human Bumper Bowling

Human bumper bowling is a giant bowling game that is sure to be a big hit at your next special event. The game comes with a giant inflatable human bowling track to contain the attraction and is very visually appealing. It makes a great backdrop for pictures and social media postings. With bumper bowling, riders strap into a giant bumper ball and then run towards the giant foam pins, trying to knock each and every one of them down. The participant wins if they knock all the pins down. Participants only have one chance to do so, hence they have to make it count. The bumper balls protects the participants from injury as they're full enclosed in a giant ball, minus their legs, which allows them to run! Check out some awesome pictures of our new human bumper bowling attraction below!

Recent event photos of our bumper bowling interactive game. Great for teens & adults! Check out this awesome setup!

Giant bumper balls & giant pins ready to go! Strap into the ball and run at the pins as you attempt to knock them down!

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