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LED Balloon Dart Wall - Pop LED Balloons filled with Glow Paint

LED Balloon darts is the most popular attraction for 2017 among college/university events as well as corporate events nationwide. Castle Party Rental includes the portable wall, floor covering, balloons filled with neon paint that glow when popped, LED lighting fixtures, steel tip darts, cleaning supplies, etc. The attraction can be customized to include a vinyl decal or custom logo that become revealed as the balloons are popped. This can be a college emblem or company logo. Once the paint dries, the vinyl decal can be pealed creating an amazing masterpiece outlined in the neon paints.

Check out a video of our LED Balloons darts from our a recent event at Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, IL. The video shows a sample setup before the balloons begin popping:

This is just one of the many Castle Party Rental exclusive attractions. Make sure to check out all of our other interactive games and creative attractions! This is one of our most popular LED games!