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Are you a rental company, banquet hall, resort, nightclub, or event space looking to add illuminated furniture to your offerings? We are the leading manufacturer and distributor of plastic molded, acrylic, and plexiglass event furniture that lights up via rechargeable battery power and can be activated with a wireless remote. Our glow furnishings are commercial grade, can handle heavy use, and are even water resistant should you be looking for outdoor light up furniture. When the sun goes down, switch on your event furniture, and let the powerful LED's illuminate the night and bring your event to life. Our glow furniture comes standard in 16 still colors and 4 color-changing modes if you're looking for something more flashy and disco-oriented. We sell our LED event furniture all over the United States and always have furniture in stock, boxed up, and ready to ship immediately. Being centrally located in Chicago, Illinois, we can get you your order quickly regardless if you're east or west coast, north or south of us. Larger glow furniture will ship on a pallet via freight carried, while smaller items can be sent out via UPS or FedEx depending on your preference. Each piece of furniture purchased comes with its own charger and wireless remote so no need to purchase that separately. The illuminated event furniture stays lit for up to 12 hours, depending on the intensity selected, and generally takes 6 hours to reach a full charge.

Here are pictures of the charger and wireless LED remote control:

LED Glow furniture is hot and trendy. Set yourself apart from other rental companies or venues by offering something unique and eye-catchy. Everyone has sat on a white leather couch (or any color for a matter of fact). No one will remember basic leather furniture that they rented or standard furniture that your venue provides, however, illuminated furniture is sure to leave a lasting impact on your clients and/or guests. We have seen first handedly that event attendees flock over to the glow event furniture because it is something new, visually appealing, and interactive. Event attendees will engage with the light up furniture by taking pictures and videos and posting them on social media avenues such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, etc. If you're producing a corporate event for your client, that is exactly what your client needs and wants: circulation of their brand via the world wide web and various social media platforms. If you are adding LED glow furniture to your venue, invite potential clients for a site inspection in the evening or at night. They will fall in love with the glow furniture and want to include it in their wedding, banquet, birthday party, anniversary, etc. There is just something about flashy LED lighting that is very appealing to the human eye. In other words, our LED light up event furniture is scientifically engineered to be a hit at your next event. Take advantage of our brand new glowing event furniture that we have for sale, in stock and ready to ship immediately.
Current in stock inventory, pricing, and pictures:
Item# Description Picture Price/Unit Quantity in Stock Dimensions (Ft)
 BB105  Five Tier
Liquor Pyramid
LED Liquor Pyramid For Sale  $499  2 3'x3'x2' 
 CB1001  Rectangular Table LED Rectangular Coffee Table For Sale
 $399 4 3.25' ×1.75' x1.75'
 CBS120 Curved Bench
(6 pcs form circle)
LED Curved Bench Seating - Light Up Furniture   $399 12  4' × 1.5' x 1.5' 
LED Orb Ball  LED Orb Balls - Buy Fun Light Up Orb Balls  $39
CC523  LED Table Lamp LED Table Lamp - Light Up Furniture
$49   6  1'x1'x1.5'
CC524   LED Cup-Shaped
Ice Bucket
LED Ice Bucket - Giant Cup - VIP - Nightclub Furniture
$125  4 1.75' x 1.75' x 1.75'
BC140A Curved Bar
(6 pcs form circle)
Curved LED Light Up Glow Bars For Sale - Purchase New - In Stock - 6 pieces make circle
$699  12 5' × 1.8' × 3.25'
CB400  LED Cube LED Light Up Cubes - Glow Furniture Cubes
$99 34 1.3'x1.3'x1.3'
BC110A  Straight Bar Section
w/ Inner Shelf
LED Bars For Sale - Modular Bar Sales
 $599 13 3' x 2.7' x 3.7' 
BC110B  Straight Bar Section
w/ Ice Cavity 
LED Modular Bar Sales - Light Up Bar Sections
$599  6 3' x 2.7' x 3.7'
BC120 Corner Bar Section  Corner Bar Section - LED Light Up Glow Bar - Mobile Bars $499 6 2.7'x2.7'x3.7'
TP110A  LED Cocktail Table  LED Cocktail Tables - Light Up Highboy Tables  $399 22 1.5'x1.5'x3.7'
SF202A   LED Sofa/Couch LED Sofa - Light Up Couch - Glow Furniture Sales
$1,299 8 6' x 3.2' x 2.4'
SF202B LED Large Chair  LED Chairs - Light Up Chairs - Glow Chairs
$699 10 3' x 3.2' x 2.4'

Need larger quantities than listed below? Let us know and we can begin producing additional stock immediately. Interested in different glowing event furniture than listed above? We can custom produce any light up furniture that you desire, whether it be sofas, chairs, cocktail tables, coffee tables, dance floor, staging, dance platforms, ottomans, cubes, orbs, ice buckets, planters, lamps, liquor displays, mobile bars, portable bars, etc. No order is too large or too small for our facility to handle. 

A picture is worth a million words... but a video is worth a billion words...
Check out the above video. We start with a beautiful white light for our demonstration and then whip out the wireless LED remote and have some fun changing the colors: red, blue, green purple, etc. Each piece of furniture can be set to a different color if desired using the very same remote. Owning light up event furniture is a lot of fun and we guaranteed you will have a fun time playing with all the colors and different modes!

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