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Our LED glow furniture is taking the country by storm. Our products are popping up all over the United States, from Las Vegas on the West Coast to New York City on the East Coast, to Houston, Texas in the South, and then of course all over Chicago, Illinois where we are based. We have sold our products to more bars, clubs, resorts, lounges, convention centers than any other supplier of LED glow furnishings. Our customers keep coming back to us because of our superior quality, ease of use, and superior customer service. We always have product in stock and can usually turn around larger orders in a few weeks. Even custom LED glow orders don't usually take more than a month. For the largest selection of LED Glow Furniture, you've come to the right place. Having over 20 years experience in the rental, production, marketing, and hospitality industries, we know the product that you require to be successful. We are not only your supplier, but also your partner and together we will revolutionize the event experience with some amazing LED glow furniture technologies.
Check out this awesome VIP bottle service setup with an LED glow sofa, a large illuminated chair of matching style, and a giant light up ice bucket. This is perfect nightclubs, gentlemen's clubs, and any event venues wishing to offer a truly revolutionary and innovative VIP experience. There is a lot of competition between clubs and bottle service sales. LED glow furniture is the solution to improving your sales and gaining new life long customers. Your success is our success so we also offer led furniture rental leads to our of state purchasers that our rental division cannot serve.
Have fun with our LED glow furniture products, everything from sofas, loveseats, and chairs to tables, ottomans, and ice buckets. We have engineered this lovely weatherproof furniture to be water resistant. Unlike leather lounge furniture, our LED glow furnishings can be used safely outdoors. Having a late night event? Worried about lighting? The glowing furniture solves this issue as too. Vibrant LED lighting lights the furniture, but also the event space around them where they are positioned! Revolutionize your seating experience and buy some fun led furniture!  

LED Light Up Furniture Bar Sales - Buy LED Products & Furniture
Tons of LED glow furniture products for sale. Buy in stock products to get fast shipping and begin to enjoy your purchase right away. Our LED furniture for sale, light  up furniture, and illuminated furniture products are guaranteed to exceed your expectations. We carry everything from unique mobile bar options or prestigious glow sofas. Make sure to also check out our illuminated liquor display pyramids. Illuminate your next event with our LED light up furniture. You can now shop for LED light up furniture by city/state. All furniture is new, boxed up, and ready to ship. We sell to event companies and event venues.

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