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LED Light Up Portable Bars For Sale - Buy Glow Bars & Counters

We sell the best quality glow bars and have two awesome styles to choose from. Our LED light up bars come with wireless remote so you can change colors, intensity, and patterns. The light up bars run up to 8 hours between charges and we also include an AC adapter for charging or permanent installations. We have the Sectional light up bar units as well as the curved LED bars available for purchase. Currently, we have plenty of stock and ship out same day for items that ship out UPS or FedEx Ground and next day for any larger items that require freight shipment. 

Glow bars can be connected to make a multitude of configurations. Whether you're looking for a small light up bar or a larger illuminated bar, our LED bars are a great choice. We've been selling to resorts, hotels, country clubs, golf clubs, nightclubs, lounges, event venues, churches, as well as other rental companies for the past few months and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. We now make sure to keep plenty of LED bars and other products in stock. The bars are well-built, yet still portable for those who need a portable application. We've sold our bars across the United States and even did our first sale to Mexico last week.

Now it's time to introduce you to our bar products. First up is the Sectional LED Light Up Bar unites for sale.
Sectional LED Light Up Bar For Sale:

Straight Sectional Bar w/ Shelf                Corner Sectional Bar           Straight Sectional w/ Ice Cavity

 LED Glow Furniture Name: Retail Price: Sale Price
Straight Sectional Bar w/ Shelf  $799.00 $599.00
Sectional Corner Bar $699.00 $499.00
Straight Sectional w/ Ice Cavity  $799.00 $599.00

  • Dimensions of the Straight Section LED Light Up Bars is 36'' L x 32'' W x 44'' H & weight about 67 lbs.

  • Dimensions of the Corner Section LED Light Up Bars is 32''' L x 32'' W x 44'' H & weight about 47 lbs.

The LED Light Up Bar sections can be connected for form large illuminated bar configurations. We will present a few examples below so you can understand the versatility of these products and their full potential.



As you can see, the possibilities are endless with the LED Light UP Sectional Bar units. Combining straight pieces and corner bars, you can form long illuminated bars or even larger rectangular glow bars that are fully enclosed and accessible from all sides. Again, these bars are portable if necessary, so if you're looking for a mobile application, then you've found the perfect product!

Now we're going to introduce you to our second style of glow bars for sale. Here's our Curved Light Up Bars:

Curved LED Light Up Bar For Sale:
Front View                                                                Back View

 LED Glow Furniture Name: Retail Price: Sale Price:
 Curved LED Light Up Bar $899.00 $699.00

  • Dimensions for the Curved LED Bar is 60'' L x 22' W x 40'' H & weights about 73 lbs each.
6 Curved Light Up Bars make a full circle or 3 make a half circle. On the back, there is a shelf for storage. Below is a sample configurations that you can make when you purchase multiple Curved LED Light Up Bar Sections.

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