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LED Liquor Pyramid, Light Up Liquor Display SalesOur LED Liquor Displays are our most popular liquor display products that we have available for purchase. We currently have a pair of these in stock and on sale. These units are battery operated so can last up to 10 hours between charges, elsewise you can leave them plugged in for constant use. Our light liquor display pyramids are 5 tier, so there is plenty of space for displaying various types of liquor, whether it be vodka, whisky, tequila, etc.

LED Liquor Display Unit - Buy Glow Display Products
We sell these products to many liquor companies for promotional events. We can brand the sides of the liquor pyramids to reflect the brand of an alcohol to their choosing. They work great for promotional events and are strong promotional products that will leave a last brand impression on attendees participating in the promotional event. A really cool feature of the LED liquor pyramids is that fact that they light up the bottles of liquor being displayed around and atop of the pyramid. Big bottles, small bottles, tall bottles, or  short bottles, our light up liquor pyramids accommodate all sizes. 

LED Liquor Pyramid For Sale - Buy Light Up Promotional Products
Illuminate your next event with our light up liquor pyramids. These glowing display units are complimented nicely via any of our portable LED bars that we also sell. Colors can easily be changed on all the LED products that we sell via a wireless remote. There are sixteen different preset color options or several color changing modes to choose from if you'd like for the display unit to change colors during your event.

Quality, customizable liquor displays for sale. In stock & ready to ship!

Our LED liquor pyramids are one of our most popular light up accessories that we have for sale. Light up furniture is growing in demand in the hospitality, rental, and liquor industries. We've got great LED lounge furniture pairings to add to your glowing furnishings purchase, such as sofas, chairs, and portable glow bars. Illuminate your next event with our LED light up products. You can now shop for LED light up products by city/state.