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Light Up Furniture For Sale - Buy Light Up Furniture

Factory direct light up furniture available for purchase. We sell the best quality light up furniture and have the most competitively priced light up furnishings for sale. Best of all, our light up furniture is in stock and ready to ship immediately. Our products will light up your life, your world, and everyone that comes into contact with them!

Light Up Furniture For Sale - Buy Light Up FurnitureIf you're wondering who light up furniture is meant for or who should be buying light up furniture, the answer is rather broad. We sell light up furniture to private and commercial clients. Private clients light up their basements, garages, or even outdoor patios since our entire inventory is water resistant. If you leave the light up furniture outside, it will not get damaged from rain and it is even safe to operate in the rain, but please do not remain seating during a thunderstorm or if you see lightning. Your purchase will be safe, but please proceed indoors. Other private clients include college students and fraternities. Students can pimp out their dorm rooms with a wide variety of light up furnishings and decorative item. Fraternities are always competing to throw the craziest parties and our light u furniture does just that; it brings any party to life.

Purchase Light Up Furniture - We Sell Light Up FurnitureFor our commercial clients, we service other rental companies who are looking to add these new innovative products to their inventory. We've already tested them in our inventory for years, so we have a product that works well for mobile applications. We also sell to many event venues, banquet facilities, golf clubs, hotels, resorts, and club houses. Every venue or organization is looking to stand out from the rest by attracting more clients and members. Light up furniture catches the eye of everyone, boy, girl, man, woman, dog, cat, etc. Light up furniture has a stigma for being awesome! Flashy lights and sparkly things have been and always will be appealing and catchy to the eye. We also sell to many bars, nightclubs, dance halls, cigar lounges, gentlemen's club, hookah lounges, etc. Light up furniture gives a modern vibe to the nightlife scene. When people sit on our light up furniture or see our LED decor, they want to stay out later, party harder, drink more, utilize more social media, etc. In turn, club attendance increases, sales increase, and the business flourishes better than ever before. Light up furniture seems like a very simple concept, but it makes a big impact for our client's businesses.

For Sale Light Up Furniture - In stock, new, ready to shipIf you have a large venue to furniture and need to buy a lot of Light Up Furniture, we offer free shipping on orders over $999.00 All light up furniture purchases come with a wireless remote and charger. The furniture lasts about 8-10 hours per full charge. Charging time is about half the time that you desire the furniture to stay lit. If you are purchasing for a permanent installation, you can always keep the charger connected or charge during the day and use during the night. Smaller light up lounge furniture can ship via UPS or FedEx. Larger pieces/equipment need to be shipped freight. You are welcome to utilize your own shipper to deliver your order, however, they must be approved by us. We do not ship any lit furniture to PO Boxes, Alaska, or Hawaii.

Light Up Furniture USAOur light up furniture consists of all sorts of portable bars. We have curved and straight mobile bar sections that will light up your event. We have stylish couches, sofas, loveseats, recliners, and oversized chairs. Our smaller light up furniture includes ottomans, cubes, benches, curved sectionals, round seating, etc. We have small tables, big tables, round tables, square tables, rectangular tables, highboy tables, cocktail tables, bar height tables, coffee tables, side tables, and end tables. For light up decor and accessories, we have ice buckets, flower pots, display cubes, storage bins, lamps, orb balls, floating light up balls, liquor pyramids, and liquor displays. If you can dream it, we can light it up via one of our in stock light up furnishings or we can have our factory custom build any light up furniture to your specifications.

Below is our inventory of light of furniture for sale, in stock, and available for purchase:
ITEM # Photo Description Dimensions Price/unit Quantity
LxWxH (feet) Elgin, IL In Stock
Buy Light Up Liquor Pyramid - Purchase Liquor Dispaly
Five Tier 
  Liquor Pyramid 
3' x 3' x 2'  $   499.00 2

Rectangular Table
3.25' ×1.75' x1.75'  $   399.00 4
Curved Bench
(6 pcs form a circle)
4' × 1.5' x 1.5'  $   399.00 12


Orb/Ball 1' x 1' x 1'  $     39.00 10
BL600 2' x 2' x 2'  $     80.00 9

Table Lamp 1' x 1' x 1.5'  $     49.00 6

Cup Shape Ice Bucket 1.75' x 1.75' x 1.75'  $   125.00 4

Curved Bar              
(6 pcs form a circle)
More Info/Pictures
5' × 1.8' × 3.25'  $   699.00 12

Cube 1.3' x 1.3' x 1.3'  $     99.00 34

Straight Bar Section
w/ Inner Shelf
More Info/Pictures
3' x 2.7' x 3.7'  $   599.00 13

Straight Bar Section
w/ Ice Cavity
More Info/Pictures
3' x 2.7' x 3.7'
 $   599.00 6

Corner Bar Section
More Info/Pictures
2.7' x 2.7' x 3.7'  $   499.00 6
Light Up Cocktail Tables For Sale - Buy Light Up Bar Tables
Cocktail Table 1.5' x 1.5' x 3.7'  $   399.00 22

More Info/Pictures
6' x 3.2' x 2.4'  $1,299.00 8

Large Chair 3' x 3.2' x 2.4'  $   699.00 10

Turn off or dim the lights, turn on some fun music, and let the light show begin for your next lounge event. Here are 4 pieces of light up furniture pictured, including the liquor pyramid, cup-shaped ice bucket, and cocktail tables. We used the wireless remote and set them to a color changing mode. If changing colors is too flashy for your eyes, a single color can certainly be selected. This light up furniture could be yours. Buy yours while still in stock. We don't want you to miss out on our great pricing, quality products, friendly customer service, and fast shipping!