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Kingdom Castle Moonwalk Rental - IllinoisAre you looking for moonwalk rentals in the Chicago, Illinois area? Then you have come to the right place. Castle Party Rentals services the city of Chicago as well as the surrounding Illinois suburbs. The term moonwalk is used interchangeably throughout our site. Some people will call a moonwalk rental a bounce house, moon jump, inflatable castle, bouncer, jumper, moonbounce, bouncy, or jumpy thing, but regardless, we have the best moonwalk rentals in Illinois. Our moonwalk rentals are the most affordable, cleanest, and we have the greatest selection in IL. We have moonwalk rentals for both boy and girl parties. There are so many occasions that will require a moonwalk rental in Illinois. Kids love seeing moonwalks at birthday parties, school events, company picnics, church festivals, etc.

Disney Princess Moonwalk - IllinoisWe carry themed moonwalks! Regardless of what theme your child wants, there is a moonwalk rental to meet your child's demands. Some of our most popular themed moonwalks in Illinois seem to be Sponge Bob, Finding Nemo, Power Rangers, The Incredibles, Disney Princess, Lilo & Stitch, Strawberry Shortcake, Pirates of the Caribbean, and much more! We know that themes are most popular in Illinois so if you need recommendations, just let us know and we will be happy to assist you with all your moonwalk rental needs. Themed moonwalk rentals mean the world to children!

Disney Incredibles Moonwalk Rental - IllinoisOur moonwalk rentals are available anywhere in Illinois. They are always priced affordable. We do not have a time limit on our moonwalk rentals. We do not limit you to eight, or even four hours. We deliver your Illinois moonwalk rental in the morning, and then wait for you to call us to pick up, or just pick up the next day. We do not charge extra for overnight moonwalk rentals. Many other companies do or do not offer you this option in the first case. We never want to stop the kids in the middle of their fun. We pride ourselves in a huge inflatable inventory, so we don't have to worry about not having enough moonwalks for the next day rentals.

Giant Castle Moonwalk Rental ILCastle Party Rentals is one of the few moonwalk rental companies in Illinois that carries liability insurance. More importantly, we are insured by the Illinois Department of Labor, which allows us to legally participate in public events. There are a lot of companies in Illinois that break the law and can put you in serious legal danger if you choose to utilize their services. Why pay more for a vendor that is operating their business illegally and unethically? We can list entities as additionally insured on our policy when you rent a moonwalk with us. For the past three years, Castle Party Rentals has been awarded party rental vendor of the year in Illinois. Furthermore, we are an accredited company by the Better Business Bureau and a member of several local chamber of commerces.