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Caterpillar Crawl Inflatable Rental:

The Caterpillar Crawl Inflatable is a large obstacle course that features sliding, crawling, and climbing. It is geared primarily for the younger age group, but older kids are welcome to participate. Beautiful graphics internally and externally make this a crowd favorite. Rent the Caterpillar Crawl today and don't miss out!

Click HERE to view a video of the Caterpiller Crawl Obstacle Course Rental.

Ages 5 and under only!

 Price: $295.00 (Day)
+ Delivery
 Dimensions:  44L x 24W x 14H

Seven Element Obstacle Course Rental:

This is our most popular multi-purpose obstacle course rental. It's great for all ages and is real affordable. Not to mention it is nice and big!

Click HERE to view a brief video of the Seven Element Obstacle Course rental.


 Price: $345.00
 Dimensions:  36L x 15W x 8H

Gladiator Obstacle Course Rental:

This is another great obstacle course rental. Participants race through several challeneges and then finish with a rock climb to the top of a slide in which participants must slide down to become victorious.

Click HERE to view a video of the Gladiator Obstacle Course rental!

 Price: $595.00
 Dimensions:  65L x 16W x 18H

Camouflage Obstacle Course Rental:

Introducing the brand new Camouflage Obstacle Course Rental for 2012. The colors of this inflatable are very vibrant and the obstacles even more breath-taking. This obstacle course includes a two lane slide with climbing challenge as well.

Click HERE to view a brief video of the Camouflage Obstacle Course!

 Price: $625.00
 Dimensions:  58L x 16W x 18H

Quad-Spectacular Obstacle Course Rental:

Brand new obstacle course for 2010. Four people can race at the same time wow! Rent this obstacle course today for your next special event. It has the fastest output and is great for large crowds.

Click HERE to view a video of the Quad Spectacular Obstacle Course rental.


 Price: $595.00
 Dimensions:  35L x 30W x 9H

Western Theme Obstacle Course Rental:

Saddle up! Time for some wild west fun. Great for cowboys and cowgirls! Digital graphics make it a real pleasing addition to any event!

Price: $695.00
Dimensions: 60L x 16W x 16

Extreme Force Obstacle Course Rental:

If you are looking for a challenging obstacle course rental, then the Extreme Force is for you. This innovative obstacle course is a lot of fun!

 Price: $695.00
 Dimensions:  68L x 16W x 22H

Adrenaline Rush Obstacle Course Rental:

This is the newest concept for obstacle course rentals. If you are looking to offer something new, then this 360 degrees obstacle course rental is what you need!

Click HERE to view a video of the Adrenaline Rush Obstacle Course rental in action!


 Price: $795.00
 Dimensions:  40L x 40W x 20H

Castle Water Slide Obstacle Course Rental:

This is our popular water slide obstacle course. Participants begin by running into a slip and slide and falling into a pool. They then crawl under a tunnel and begin to climb up a huge ladder. Once at the top, the participants splash into another pool. First one to the end wins!

 Price: $795.00 (wet)
 Dimensions:  75L x 16W x 22H

Infinite Chaos Obstacle Course Rental:

Rent Infinite Chaos today! It's a breath taking three piece obstacle course that offers many unique elements. Of course it features dual lanes for racing and will leave participants hustling and bustling. 

 Price: $995.00
 Dimensions:  100L x 16W x 20H

Pirates Cove Obstacle Course Rental:
This obstacle course was voted best design at last year's inflatable expo and we are the only company in Illinois to off such a hot item! Great photo opportunity here.

Click HERE to view a video of the PIrates Cove Obstacle Course in action!

 Price: $995.00
 Dimensions:  45L x 45W x 26H

Four Lane Survivor Obstacle Course Rental:

We are proud to present to you the Four Lane Survivor Obstacle Course for 2014. After receiving so much great feedback from our Quad-spectacular Obstacle Course last year, we new we needed to bring you something bigger while still maintaining four lanes for ultimate output. The Four Lane Survivor Obstacle Course is amazing!

 Price: $1,195.00
 Dimensions:  65L x 32W x 20H

Aqua Extreme Water Obstacle Course Rental:

One of the most popular water obstacle courses that we have for rent. It is very similar to the Adrenaline Rush, however, it has a water twist and a fun tropical theme. Get extreme with our Aqua Extreme Obstacle Course!

Click HERE to view a video of the Aqua Extreme Obstacle Course Rental.

 Price: $1,295.00
 Dimensions:  46L x 32W x 20H

Aqua Extreme Marathon Obstacle Course Rental:

Who said inflatable fun can't be hard work? Image running through the most challenging of obstacle courses, over 135 feet to be exact. How fast could you complete the course? What would be most challenging for you: the climbing walls, perhaps jumping over blockades, or crawling through tunnels?

 Price: $1,295.00
 Dimensions:  135L x 14W x 20H

Aquatica Rush Water Obstacle Course Rental:

Brand new for 2015, this 5 piece obstacle course features 2 full size slip n slides, 2 challenging obstacle sections, and one giant slide with climbing wall. Experience the Aquatica Rush, sure to be the hottest inflatable this summer.

 Price: $1,995.00
 Dimensions:  65L x 30W x 20H

Wild One Obstacle Course Rental:

This is another amazing obstacle course rental. The entire inflatable is shaped like a roller coaster. It is a pricey item, but as everyone has said, way worth the experience.

 Price: $1,995.00
 Dimensions:  60L x 27W x 22H