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We rent air hockey tables, foosball tables, ping pong tables, dome hockey tables, bubble hockey tables, pool tables, billiard tables, bumper pool tables, shuffleboard tables, curling, electronic basketball games, pop-a-shots, arcade darts, skeeball, etc. Every sports table game has different models to suite your budget and needs. We have standard models, deluxe games, indoor/outdoor games, light up sports tables that light up and/or glow, classic games, arcade games, etc. We have the largest rental inventory in the Chicago area and travel all over Illinois and surrounding states for larger events.

Air Hockey Table Rentals:

Children's Air Hockey Table Rentals: $195.00
This is a good air hockey table rental for children ages 12 and under. If you are having a children's event, rent this air hockey table for an affordable game rental. Note this is a smaller air hockey table with no electronic scoring and hence the pricing.

Standard Air Hockey Table Rentals: $395.00
This is a great entry level air hockey table. Can be used by both adults and older children. Great air flow makes for a fast paced game. Manual scoring keeps the game competitive. Multiple units available if desired. 

Deluxe Air Hockey Table Rental: $495.00
Rent this air hockey table if you're looking for a full sized air hockey table rental. Great for corporate events and customers looking for a bulkier air hockey table rental. The air hockey table is equipment with premium electronic scoring and is a well-built air hockey table.

Arcade Air Hockey Table Rentals: $695.00
If you need to rent the best air hockey table that money can buy, then this is the model that you want to select. It is arcade quality and features an overhead scoring system and lighted playing surface. Wow your guests with this air hockey table.

Boom-A-Rang Air Hockey Table: $995.00
This retro air hockey table will put a spin the classic game play of air hockey. It's great for spaces that might not have the traditional rectangular blue print. Two players stay side by side and bounce the puck in a boom-a-rang manner to try to score in their opponent's goal. 

LED Air Hockey Table: $1,495.00
This air hockey is for the most important, top-notch events! The LED air hockey table illuminates the room of your event and will wow your guests. This full size, heavy glowing air hockey table rotates through a multitude of bright LED lights and features the latest, most innovative technology. Take your event to the next level with this LED, glow, light up air hockey table rental.

Custom Back-Lit Air Hockey Table: $2,495.00
We can create custom branded air hockey tables like this one here created for Hersey. The playing field of this air hockey table is just like a back-lit sign so it illuminates the brand, logo, message, or whatever the playing surface is customized to be. Great option for trade shows, brand activations, marketing events, etc. This is another full-size arcade quality air hockey table that we can brilliantly customize to meet all your needs. 
Four Player Hockey Table Rentals: $2,495.00
This is a huge four player, arcade quality air hockey table. Optional overhead scoring displays each players score and time remaining in the round. If you're looking for a centerpiece attraction at your next corporate event or brand activation, this is a must. This air hockey table also features built in LED's which looks awesome when the lights are off or dimmed.

Castle Party Rentals offers air hockey tables for all budgets. From simple backyard birthday parties to extravagant tradeshow entertainment, our wide selection of air hockey table rentals is sure to meet you your event needs. Most of our models feature electronic scoring and all games can be set to free play. 

 Foosball Table Rentals - Soccer Table Rentals:

Check out our huge inventory of foosball table and soccer tables for rent. We have the basic models, but we also have specialty foosball table rentals such as our long jumbo table which accommodates four guests comfortably on each side for a total of eight participants at one table. Our LED and glowing foosball tables are popular for corporate events, while we also have options for custom branded foosball tables:

Standard Foosball Table Rentals: $195.00

Deluxe Foosball Table Rental: $225.00

VIP Foosball Table Rentals: $250.00

Retro Steel Foosball Table Rentals: $595.00

Branded Field Foosball Tables: $595.00

LED Foosball Table: $595.00
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Weatherproof/Waterproof Foosball: $795.00

Jet Ball (Foosball with Air Cannons): $995.00
8 Player Foosball Table (4 vs. 4): $995.00
Long Jumbo Foosball Table!
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LED 8 Player Foosball Table: $1,250.00
Includes LED Wireless Remote! Your choice of color!
12 Player Foosball Table (6 vs. 6): $1,495.00
Chicago's favorite table soccer rental!
LED 12 Player Foosball Table: $1,995.00
Includes LED Wireless Remote! Your choice of color!
16 Player Foosball Table (8 vs. 8): $1,995.00
Most popular foosball table for corporate events!

LED 16 Player Foosball Table: $2,495.00
Includes LED Wireless Remote! Your choice of color!

Fully Wrapped Custom Tables: $2,495.00

Foosball w/ Custom Molded Players: $2,995.00

Inflatable Foosball Table Rental: $695.00
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Great prices & great quality products!

Foosball tables are a great rental and have popularly been played by people of all ages. Foosball incorporates the basic game of soccer onto a playing field with spinning players. Teams can play foosball as well as individuals. You may want to consider some of our custom foosball table rentals for your next event.           

Ping Pong Table Rentals:

 Children's Ping Pong Table: $150.00

Deluxe Ping Pong Table Rentals: $195.00
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Outdoor Ping Pong Table Rentals: $295.00

Glowing LED Ping Pong Table: $1,495.00

Over-sized Jumbo Ping Pong Table: $1,795.00

Custom Branded Ping Pong Table: $1,995.00

Castle Party Rentals offers a both indoor and outdoor air hockey tables rentals. We offer custom branding option for corporate events, tradeshows, and product launches. Our ping pong table rentals are portable and can fold up onto wheels which makes virtually any venue ping pong table accessible. This year we even offer a children's ping pong table for the younger kids or events on a strict budget.

Dome Hockey Rentals:

Standard Dome Hockey Table Rentals: $350.00

Deluxe Dome Hockey Table Rentals: $395.00

Castle Party Rentals is one of the few providers of Dome Hockey Table rentals. We have two different options to meet your budget and expectations. This is a great game incorporating the concepts of foosball and air hockey into a very interactive activity. Rent one of our dome hockey tables for your next event.

Billard Table Rentals, Pool Table Rentals:

Bumper Pool Table: $295.00

Deluxe Pool Table Rental: $295.00

Valley Dynamo Arcade Pool Table: $495.00

Light Up Pool Table
Rentals: $1,295.00
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Custom Felted Pool Table: $1,495.00

Jumbo Over-sized Pool Table: $1,495.00

Castle Party Rentals offers only the most prestigious of pool and billiard table rentals. Our pool tables are furniture and arcade quality. Our latest table, is the light up pool table which is perfect for any lounge events where uplights and LED furniture will be used. All pool table rentals come with a brush, chalk, balls, triangle, and multiple sticks.          

Shuffleboard Table Rentals:

9 Foot Shuffleboard Table: $295.00

12 Foot Shuffleboard Table Rental: $495.00

14 Foot Shuffleboard Table Rental: $795.00

LED Shuffleboard Table Rental: $1,295.00
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Custom Branded Shuffleboard Tables: $995.00

24' Shuffleboard Floor Court: $595.00

Custom Color Shuffleboard Tables: $995.00
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Pro Striker Bowling Alley Lanes: $4,995.00

Castle Party Rentals offers two sizes of beautiful shuffleboard table rentals. We provide all accessories with the rental of a shuffleboard table. This is a classic game that tests depth perceptions, skill, and strategy. These shuffle board table rentals are sure to be a hit at your next event. Rent today and save!           

Curling Games:

Virtual Reality Curling: $495.00

24' Floor Curling: $595.00

Curling Tables: $995.00

LED Curling Parties: $1,495.00

In honor of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, we have added an extensive selection of curling party rentals, everything from virtual applications to life-like play. We are the only company in the USA which such extensive offerings of curling games for rent. 

Pop-O-Shot Rentals, Basketball Hoop Rentals:

Electronic Pop-O-Shot Basketball: $195.00 (each)

Inflatable Pop-O-Shot Basketball: $145.00

Basketball Hoop Rentals: $195.00

NBA Pinball Machine Rental: $495.00

NBA Jam Arcade: $595.00

Alley Hoops Arcade: $1,495.00

Jump Shot Basketball Arcade: $1,495.00 (each)

Custom Bra
nded Pop-O-Shots: $1,495.00

LED Half Court Hoops: $1,795.00 (each)
Urban Hoops 4 Player Shootout: $1,995.00

Castle Party Rentals offers many different basketball parlor games. From Pop-O-Shots to pinball machines, we've got something to appeal to every budget and entertainment need. We even do some custom branding on our basketball game rentals.

Football Throw Games, Pop-A-Throw, Football Arcade Rentals:

Football Frame Games: $95.00

Inflatable Football Throw: $145.00

Electronic Football Pop-A-Throw: $495.00
(two units pictured)

NFL Blitz 4-Player Arcade: $595.00

Football Kick & Throw Combo: $695.00

NFL Two-Minute Drill
: $2,995.00
(two units pictured)

If you're having a football themed event such a Super Bowl party, Castle Party Rental has just the right selection for your corporate event or house party. Or if your guests just like football themed entertainment, that works too! Largest football game rental selection in the midwest!

Electronic Dart Rentals:

: Wall-Mounted Dart Board $95.00
(Customer responsible for hanging on wall)

Inflatable Darts Rental: $195.00

Standard Electronic Dart Board: $295.00 (each

Deluxe Darts w/ Video Screen: $395.00

LED Dart Board Arcade: $595.00 (each)
Chuck A Luck Rotating Dart Boards: $2,495.00

Castle Party Rentals offers unique options for those individuals enjoying dart games. From classic arcade to more affordable options, we've got an dart game rental for you. Many of our electronic dart board rentals feature digital scoring and sounds. Darts are included with all rentals.

Golf Games, Putting Challenge, Electronic Golf Rentals:

Golf Chip Challenge: $75.00

4' x 8' Putting Green: $95.00 (each)
***Special: 9 Putting Greens for $595.00

Electronic Putting Machine: $295.00

Putt Championship Virtual Arcade
: $1,495.00

Castle Party Rentals has many golf themed games to meet your event goals regardless of budget or space requirements. We have multiple of each game for the largest of corporate events. We offer delivery and pickup service on all golf games in and out of Chicago, IL. 

Skeeball Game Rentals:

Deluxe Skeeball Rental: $395.00

Classic Arcade Skeeball Rental: $995.00

LED Skeeball Rental: $1,495.00 (each)

Custom Branded Skeeball Arcade: $2,495.00
Skeeball is a popular game for all ages. We have two fun models to choose from which both keep score electronically. Guests will enjoy constant entertainment for hours on end. Take your event to the next level with a skeeball rental game.


Casino Table Rentals:

Blackjack Table Rentals
: $100 - $150.00

Poker Table Rentals: $100.00 - $150.00

Roulette Table Rentals: $150.00 - $200.00

Craps Table Rentals: $200.00 - $400.00

Castle Party Rentals has one of the largest casino table inventory in Chicago. We cater to both small and large corporate events. On new years eve, we are doing an event at McCormick Place with 100 assorted casino tables. Rent the best casino tables at Castle Party Rentals. We always include all accessories with our table pricing such as cards, dice, chips, etc.

Slot Machine Rentals Rentals:
Slot Machine Rentals: $75.00 (each)

Castle Party Rentals offers a wide variety of slot machine rentals. We have many different unique themes to choose from. All machines light up and have the option of utilizing fun sounds. Players can choose the size of their bets and standard tokens are included with each rental.

Past Parlor Game Rentals and Pricing.
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