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WARNING: Our stainless steel patio heaters are 1.5 times more warming than our competition's patio heaters!
  • Not all patio heaters are built the same. Even though a competitor's heater may look just like ours, chances are that they only delivery 40,000 BTU's. Our stainless steel patio heaters however are commercial grade and emit 60,000 BTU's. You'd have to rent three of their heaters in order to match the same heat output that two of ours can deliver!
  • Our heaters are commercial grade. They are built for the special events and rental industry. Don't be fooled by cheap look alikes for home use. If you need to heat up your space, you need a patio heater rental from Castle Party Rental.

It's about to get cold in Chicago and the suburbs and you will be needing a professional patio heater rental. Our patio heaters are commercial units, not the home use ones found at your local hardware store. Our patio heater rentals deliver a greater heat output and are more efficient, meaning that they don't waste propane. Patio heaters are suited for outdoor use; they should not be used indoors.

These are our commercial grade patio heater rentals:
Patio Heater Rentals Chicago
As you can see, our patio heaters are composed of stainless steel to give a sleek and elegant look. You will not have to worry about our patio heaters looking rusty due to them being stainless steel. The large mushrooms atop directs the heat 360 degrees around so all patrons standing around them receive heat.

The stainless steel patio heaters rent for $99.00.

The customer has the option of providing their own propane tank or they can rent one from us, fully filled, for $25.00.

We have over 100 stainless steel patio heaters in stock and ready for rental.

Click here to see our stainless steel patio heaters in action!

If you are just looking for a single patio heater, for home, we also have another option available, the bronze patio heater, however, the bronze patio heater only delivers 40,000 BTU's of heat. Their output is less than the stainless steel model but still deliver heat and are a good tight budget option:
Rent Patio Heaters in Chicago Illinois

The bronze patio heaters rent for $69.00.

The customer has the option of providing their own propane tank or they can rent one from us, fully filled, for $25.00.

Please note limited quantities are available on our bronze patio heaters. Limit one per customer. 

We provide patio heater rentals throughout the city of Chicago as well as all of the surrounding suburbs. We offer delivery service or customers can pick them up from our St. Charles, IL warehouse. Patio heaters may also be known as mushroom heaters because of their shape, but regardless are great rental items for keeping guests outdoors warm!

Click here to see some sample patio heater events!