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Pipe And Drape Rentals

Pipe and Drape Rentals have a large variety of applications. We are the largest supplier of pipe and drape in the Chicago area with versitile uprights and cross bars. We have fixed length uprights and crossbars as well as telescoping models. Pricing on our pipe and drape rentals are based on a per linear foot basis. Pricing starts at $5.50/linear foot for 8 feet high pipe and drape rentals, your choice of white or black draping.

Pipe and drape is the traditional method for creating tradeshow booths. Black is usually the industry standard for tradeshow pipe and draping but we can furnish your tradeshow or booth with color specific pipe and drape rental as needed. We certainly have the inventory to furnish the largest of Chicago tradeshows with our pipe and drape rentals.

Pipe and drape rental can also be used for dressing up an event space. Many event spaces are plain or perhaps outdated and require pipe and drape to update or spice up the venue. Our pipe and drape varies in heights so if the ceiling heights in your venue varies, that will not be an issue.

Here is a big facility in which pipe and drape is being installed for a large tradeshow. The back curtains are being installed which will then be followed by shorter dividers to distinguish between individual booths. Black pipe and drape is used in this photo, but as always, the drape color can be customized to match a venue, reflect the color from the event logo, etc. Pipe and drape rentals are very versitile with the various applications available and through experience we can help you create a great tradeshow layout that pleases both vendors and attendees.

We have a lot of pipe and drape fabrics to choose from. Our fabrics are constructed of rich and quality materials. Polyester fabric is most common for tradeshows, but more fancy events utilize a satin velour fabric, which is thicker and more shiny.