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Pony Hops Derby Race Track w/ Inflatable Horses and Ponies
The Pony Hops Derby is a Race Track used for the Pony Hop Racers. This three lane track has an inflatable starting gate as well as finish line. All ages can participate in the attraction. The rider just simply selects the size horse that fits them. There are four different sizes to choose from.

The Pony Hops Derby comes with 3 horses of your choice. If you require more inflatable horses/ponies, this can also be ordered. This is a newer attraction that many don't know about, but if you are looking for something new to provide an extremely memorable experience, then your best best may be the rental of a Pony Hops Race Track.

To rent our Pony Hops Derby Race Track, please call (630)-400-6545.

This event was filmed at Sycamore High School and hosted by Southeast Elementary.

This event was hosted in Munster, Indiana and used for a PTO hosted school carnival.