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Economy Portable Bar Rental:
Great portable bar rental for all event types. Sleek and elegant design can be used for most formal or informal events. Two tiers and floor space provide adequate amounts of storage for alcohol, glassware, and other bar accessories. This product is also available as a customer pickup, breaking down into a 4 foot long, 42'' wide, and 3'' thick rectangular prism. Connect two economy portable bars together to create an 8 foot long super bar for only $150.00.

 Price:      $75.00 (each)

Skirted Bar Rental:
Skirted Bar Rental - Portable Bar Rental ChicagoNew bar for 2019, the skirted bar is a great option for your next special event that satisfies both budget and functionality. This 6' skirted bar rental is two tiers and comes with black skirting and beautiful wooden finished tops. It's definitely a bartender favorite! Multiple skirted bars available!

 Price:      $95.00 (each)

Granite Portable Bar Rental:

This new bar offers the elegance of elegance granite at a very fair price. This is quickly becoming a rental favorite. This bar is 4 foot long.

 Price:      $95.00 (each)

Chicago Blackhawks Portable Bar Rental:
Support the Chicago Blackhawks this year by renting this bar. The bar features a digital print on the front and sides. The backside features a shelf.

 Price:      $75.00 (each)

Black Folding Bar Rental:

This is a very affordable, yet elegant bar rental. Please note that this bar can only be used indoors. This is a 5 foot long bar.


 Price:      $150.00 (each)

Black Portable Bar Rental:

This is a great bar that will do for any event, whether it be an informal get together or a formal wedding. This bar is 5 feet long and has wheels so that it can easily roll.

 Price:      $195.00 (each)

Sectional LED Light Up Bar:
         Straight Section w/ Shelf                        Corner Section                      Straight Section w/ Ice Cavity

This is a high-end LED light up bar rental option that will take your event to the next level. The sections are waterproof, so they can be used outdoors as well if needed. Connect them together to create larger, extensive bar options. If you're looking for a huge bar rental to serve as the centerpiece of your event, this is probably the product that you're looking for! Light up your entire venue with our Sectional LED Light Up Bars. They also make great counters and booths for tradeshows and exhibitions as they can be be branded with your company's logo and connected to create various sizes and shapes.

Connect them together to create amazing bars!

Click HERE to see recent sectional bar designs.

Click HERE to see custom branded examples.

 Price:      $195.00 / Straight Section
$150.00 / Corner Section

Interested in purchasing this bar? Click Here for sales info.

60º Illuminated Bar Rental (5 Ft):
                                           Front View                                                                                Back View

These curved illuminated bars are great modular options for high end events. Place three together to form a half circle or utilize 6 of them to form a full circle. Each section of the half circle or full circle can be set to your choice of color. Great opportunity to set the colors of the bar to correspond with your company's logo colors. We can also do custom branding on the front or top of the bar to meet your specifications. These bars are battery operated and can last up to 8 hours between charges. These beautiful bars are available for rental or sale and popular for corporate events, trade shows, night clubs, fundraisers, etc.

Combine them together to create amazing bars!

 Price:      $195.00 / Section
$585.00 / Half Circle
$1,170.00 / Full Circle

Interested in purchasing this bar? Click Here for sales info.

Mahogany Furniture Bar - Standard Rental:

This is the best bar for the least buck. It is so sturdy and a real piece of furniture. Take your event to the next level with this 5 foot bar rental.

Click HERE for video of the mahogany furniture bar rental.

 Price:      $195.00 (each)

Mahogany Furniture Bar - EXTENDED:

New for 2014 is the EXTENDED Mahogany Furniture Bar, measuring over 6 foot wide. The rich mahogany color was so popular last year that we've decided to introduce this larger mahogany bar. In addition to being longer, it also features a plastic tub for ice storage.

 Price:      $295.00 (each)

Tiki Bar & Bamboo Bar Rental:

A must have bar rental for your luau events. Constructive of genuine bambo its an eco-friendly bar rental option for your next event!

Price: $295.00 (each)
Add $150.00 for the cabana
Add $50.00 per stool

Curved LED Light Up Bar Rental:
You won't find a more prestigious bar than the Curved LED Light Up Bar in the rental industry. This curved bar has been featured in the most prestigious of events around the country. This is a 6 foot wide bar with top, middle, and bottom shelf. Also makes a great trade show booth. It comes on casters for easy transportation. The front panel is curved outward which is one of the many amazing features of this bar!

Click HERE for examples of CUSTOM light up bars that we have done in the past! We can put your company logo, message, or design on the front panel. This is a great branding opportunity!

Now also available in blue, red, or green light. Custom color fee may apply. 

 Price:      $295.00 (each)

Metropolitan Bar Rental:

Brand new bar for 2017 is perfect for any formal event. A lot of people will call it the black tie affair bar, but its formal name is the metropolitan bar. The top is glass and the front has a shiny white reflective acrylic paired with rich black construction.

                       Back of Metropolitan Bar

Price: $300.00 (each)

Rectangular Glow Bar (6 Ft):
Brand new bar for 2014 is the 6 foot Rectangular Glow Bar. We decided to add this particular bar to inventory with the growing trend for glow furniture and the glow party themes. The front, top, and side panels can be customized to correspond to the brand of your event. Ultra sleek design and optional battery pack so no worry about tripping over cords. Comes with remote control to select your glowing colors and modes. Makes for a nice tradeshow booth as well. Connect two rectangular glow bars together to form a 12 foot Super Glow Bar!

CUSTOM decals enhanced by the bar's lighting make this product awesome. Click HERE for more examples of our client's branded glow bars!

Price: $300.00 (each)

Wine Barrel Bar Rental:
Brand new for 2014 is the wine barrel bar. It serves as great décor for events trying to achieve that rustic feel. It's very functional as well. Also great for western theme events. Rent our wine barrel bar regardless of what you're serving, wine, vodka, whiskey, rum, tequila, beer, or maybe all of the above!

 Price:      $300.00 (each)

Brushed Aluminum Bar Rental:

This is a top line designer bar rental. The bar features brushed aluminum which is absolutely charming. Rent this 6 foot long bar and get ready to entertain.

 Price:      $300.00 (each)

Glass Wine Bar Rental:
Glass Bar Rental - Chicago, ILBrand new bar for 2016 by customer request. Customers wanted a bar that could be used for wine only. We felt this bar was sleek and creatively could display wine selections available at the event. This bar is about 4.5' wide.

 Price:      $350.00 (each)

Pallet Bar Rental:
Pallet Bar Rental Chicago, ILThe rustic pallet bar is great for rustic decorated events or industrial themed events. This natural option will make your event unique and be an asset to transforming your event. Each section is 4' wide. Combine two side by side to form an 8' long pallet bar!

 Price:      $395.00 (each)

90º Illuminated Bar Rental (8 Ft):

You've begged us for something like this and we are proud to say that our design team has finally crafted the beautiful 90 degrees Illuminated Bar Rental, which is an 8 foot long bar withe beautiful curve elements. Bar rental comes with LED controller for special effects, changing of colors, etc. Optional battery pack also available. It was the most popular corporate event rental for 2013 and continues to remain a favorite in 2013.

We can customize the front panel with your logo, decal, or design. Take full advantage of CUSTOM branding and view some recent examples HERE.

Special Pricing: Rent 3, get 1 FREE!

Price: $495.00 (each)

Boxwood Bar Rental:
Grass Bar Rental ChicagoThe boxwood bar rental is a green option for your next event requiring bar rentals. It's a large bar with plenty of space for bartenders to work behind it. Will make a great addition to your next event.

 Price:      $495.00 (each)

Triple Wine Barrel Bar Rental:
Grass Bar Rental ChicagoAnother fantastic wine barrel bar rental option, new for 2018, is the triple wine barrel bar. Available 12' - 6' long. Great for bar service, displays, or even cigar rolling!

 Price:      $495.00 (each)

6' Mirrored Bar Rental:
Grass Bar Rental ChicagoThe 8' mirror bar from last year has been so popular that we decided to introduce a 6' model as well. New for 2018 is the 6' mirror bar. with curved front. It comes on casters for easy strolling/moving. Makes both a great bar as well as retail display, DJ setup, or tradeshow booth counter. Front can also be branded or customized as seen here. 

 Price:      $595.00 (each)

8' Mirrored Bar Rental:
Grass Bar Rental ChicagoThis beautiful new mirrored bar for 2017 is already becoming a favorite among our event planners that frequently utilize to furnish our client's events. The mirror delivers a crystal clear image and wows guests. Take advantage of our newest bar rental!

 Price:      $795.00 (each)

180º Illuminated Bar Rental:

Wow check out this amazing portable bar rental. Optional battery pack available so no need to worry about cords. Comes with remote control to select various colors and modes. Plenty of shelving in back. This sleek bar is sure to be the centerpiece and highlight of your next event!

A video of this product is available.

Price: $795.00 (each)

Royal Oak Antique Bar Rental:
This 6 ft bar is much needed for your high class events. It has granite counter tops, thick crown molding, foot rest, wine rack, cabinets, drawers, and much more! 

 Price:      $795.00 (each)

Light Up Counter Bar (14 Ft):
The 14 Ft Counter Bar is sure to impress the guests at your event. The bar lights up and can be set to various colors. We can even put your logo on the front face of the bar as pictured. The sleek design will surely make this one of our most popular bar rentals. Being 14 feet long, there is plenty of room for multiple bartenders and guests will love the fast service!

Price: $795.00 (each)

180º Mirrored Bar Rental:
Just like the 180 degree illuminated bar, but with fully mirrored front. It creates a large half circle. Great for elegant events looking to enhance the event experience for their guests. You'll see guests taking mirror pics all night long as the bar!

                  Back of Half Circle Mirrored Bar

Price: $995.00 (each)

Ticket Booth Bar Rental:
The ticket booth/ticket office bar is great for carnival themed events that want to incorporate themed decor into an actual bar element. The marque can be customized for any custom branding that you desire. We can even do a different color scheme if necessary.

 Price:      $995.00 (each)

360º Illuminated Bar Rental:
You've begged us for something like this and we are proud to say that our design team has finally crafted the beautiful 360 Illuminated Bar Rental. Bar rental comes with LED controller for special effects, changing colors, etc.

A video of this product is available.

Price: $1,495.00 (each)

360º Mirror Bar Rental:
Mirror Bar Rentals ChicagoNew for 2019 is the 360 degree mirror bar rental! Super sleek and a great centerpiece and focal point for your next event. Great for events requiring efficient bar service to guests. Built in shelving units to store liquor, glassware, and accessories make this a customer favorite!

Price: $1,995.00 (each)

Fish Tank Bar Rental:

This is a custom bar designed and fabricated in house by our design team. The bar serves as a fish tank in which we can  manipulate the LED colors to match your event's colors. Wow your guests with our new fish tank bar for 2018.

Price: $2,995.00 (each)

Custom Fabricated Bars for Rental or Sale:
Custom event bar fabrication - built to order mobile portable bar
Looking for something specific that you don't see above? Chances are that we can build it for you or at least something similar. We have a team of engineers, carpenters, welders, designers, etc. that can bring your dream bar to life. If you've seen something on social media or something in a different rental market that you must have, please let us know and we can get you a price quote for rental or purchase.

Price: Depends on Specs

Ice Bars, Ice Sculptures, and Ice Luges:

We do custom ice bars, sculptures, and luges. LED lighting can be embedded into the ice for further enhancement. We can incorporate logos as well and appeal to brand recognition.

Price: Varies by Size & Design

120 Quart Cooler Rental:

Keep your drinks cool in the summer time with a cooler rental.

 Price:      $19.00 (each)

150 Quart Cooler Rental:

There is nothing better than a cold soda in the summer time. Rent a huge cooler to keep your drinks cool.

 Price:      $20.00 (each)

Horse Trough Cooler Rental:

The horse trough coolers, many times known as stock tanks are great for filling up with ice to keep drinks cold, whether soda cans, bottle beer, juice boxes, etc.

Price: $75.00 (each)

Kegerator Rental:
Rent a great kegerator to assure that your party runs smoothly. The rental rate include C02. All you have to do is provide the keg of beer.

 Price:      $250.00 (each)

Super Keg Cooler Rental:

Keep your keg cold this summer. Please note that this cooler does not tap the keg, but rather assure that it remains cool.

 Price:      $20.00 (each)

Insulated Beverage Dispenser:

These beverage dispensers are insulated to make sure that your liquid stays cold or warm depending on whether you are servings ice old lemonade on a hot day or coffee on a crisp day.

 Price (5 gallon):      $40.00 (each)
 Price (10 gallon): $50.00 (each)

Sports Drink Dispenser:

This is a great drink dispenser for any fluid. Whether you want to mix Gatorade powder and water to make a great tasting sports drink or if you want to keep it simple and fill it with water, you can't go wrong with this product.

 Price (5 gallon):      $40.00 (each)
 Price (10 gallon): $50.00 (each)

Dual Beverage Chill Machine:

This machine turns your room temperature beverage into a nice refreshing chilled drink. It accomodates up to two different beverages at one time.

 Price:      $295.00 (each)

Fill N Chill Ice Table Rental:

Keep drinks and appetizers cold. Display beautiful scultpures. Table does not include skirt, but can be easily added to your order. This table measures 6 feet long.

 Price:      $24.99 (each)

Mini Fridgerator Rental:

Small fridge rental for your event. Keep various items cold for your event that you do not want to keep in a cooler such as salsa, cocktail sauce, etc.

 Price:      $75.00 (each)

Ice Freezer Chest Rental:

Having a large event and need somewhere to store your ice? Going to be doing a lot of grilling at an even and need a place to keep the meat? Then an ice chest freezer is just what you need!

 Price:      $250.00 (each)

Large Refrigerator Rental:

Large refrigerator rental available for rental. Also include freezer. Refrigerators come in white or black finish to match your event needs. Keep your drinks, beverages, food, and/or supplies cold with a Castle Party Rental refrigerator rental.

 Price:      $295.00 (each)