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Illinois: We rent more chiavari chairs in IL than any other state. Chicago has a huge market of weddings, gala events, corporate functions, etc which all rent chiavari chairs to obtain a quality look for their event.

Wisconsin: We have produced several chiavari chair events in and around Milwaukee, WI. We are known to have the best price and selection of chiavari chair rentals in this state and our service is like none other.

Indiana: Our primary offering of chiavari chairs are for rentals in northwestern Indiana, however, we produce chiavari events in Indianapolis on the occasional basis.

Missouri: Although Missouri can be a drive for us, one of our most signature events was right out side St. Louis, in which we put together a wedding for 400 people underneath a 60x120 tent. Obviously the event also featured the new crystal chiavari chairs.

Iowa: The state has other vendors who can provide chiavari chair rentals, however, when an event needs a truly special chiavari color, maybe a custom color or one of our new crystal chiavaris, then they rely upon us.

Michigan: There are many beautiful venues in Michigan to host the perfect wedding, whether it be a ceremony with our chiavari chairs or the wedding party itself.

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