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Stemware Rental Chicago

Castle Party Rental has quality glassware for rental that is beautiful and available for rent in the Chicago area. We have all of your favorite glassware options for all your different drinks whether alcoholic or not. From water goblets to martini glasses, we've got glassware to furnish any type of event. Check out our glassware rental selection and pricing below:

Glassware / Stemware Rental:  Pricing: 
Water Goblet   $0.99
 Rocks/Whisky Glass  $0.99
 Brandy/Cognac Glass $0.99 
 Shot Glass $0.99
Martini Glass   $0.99
 Margarita Glass  $0.99
Wine Glass  $0.99 
 Champagne Flute  $0.99
 Highball Glass  $0.99
 Lowball Glass  $0.99

Glassware and Stemware Rental Chicago ILWe are proud to be the newest supplier of glassware in the Chicago, IL area. Old glassware that our competitors are renting is foggy and many times chipped. Our nice clear glassware is much more beautiful and safer as well. All glassware is issued clean and ready use. Glassware should be returned cleaned. Failure to do so may result in cleaning fees. At a minimum, we ask that you rinse the glassware and stemware to avoid higher cleaning fees. Glassware can be hard to clean when sticky residues dry inside of the glasses. 

For the best price on glassware rental in Chicago, choose Castle Party Rental! Whether it's glassware for a 10 person dinner party or a wedding for 500, we've got enough glassware and stemware to cover your entire event. Most of all, glass stemware is always better than plastic stemware.